Sunday, January 21, 2007

OK, LawDog, I'll See Your 'Magic Elf Box' and Raise You...

a Dashboard Goddess. What, you may ask, is THAT? Funny you should ask. That's just what the Dearly Beloved wanted to know last night while we were on the way to a party [details to follow in my next blog].
When we left the house, it was after dark, and the DB hadn't been in my car since I'd installed the DG. Dearly Beloved is still wearing his dashing black eye patch, so he's leaning forward, peering at the object, with his one good eye, on my dash, trying to decipher what, exactly, it is. He finally breaks down and asks, "What is that?" To which I reply, "That's my Dashboard Goddess." And I just leave it at that. He doesn't ask anything else, so I elaborate.
"It's made of clay, and there is a shallow well at her feet. I guess you could say, she has 'feet of clay'. Anyway, I put liquid scent in the well and it gets absorbed by the clay and diffuses the scent through the car." And I give him time to digest that information then I add, " I had it in the Sunbird, but when I got the truck, it just didn't feel right to make a Goddess ride in a truck, so she's been in seclusion. Now that I have a vehicle worthy of her prescence...she's back."
He just nodded. He acts like my little eccentricities are mildly annoying, but I think he's secretly charmed by them.

And the Goddess isn't the only "other-worldly" creature to make an appearance in my life lately. Friday, a WEEK after we purchased our refrigerator, it was finally delivered by Sears. It came equipped with TWO creatures.
In the freezer lives an Ice Fairy. She drops ice globules into a receiving tray at regular intervals. Ben has finally stopped alerting when she makes her drops. The first few times, that ice falling into an empty tray made such a racket, he thought someone was at the back door. Ben would head for the door, just barking like mad. Boo, OTOH, showed her superior intelligence by staying put. She knew SHE hadn't heard a human knocking at the door, so she was more than content to allow Ben to make a fool of himself, by himself.
In the refrigerator compartment lives a "light Elf". Whenever we open the door, he lights up and we can see even back into the furthest corners of the 'fridge. It's just mahvelous!
So, don't listen to those nasty rumors...I am incredibly easy to please.


Diamond Mair said...

Congratulations on delivery of your fridge, Ice Fairy & Light Elf included!
Please give with more info re: the Dashboard Goddess {ie, where one can be obtained, what scents are available, how do you ensure she doesn't 'topple', etc}

Lovi said...

LOL - our dog Bo (male of course) did the same thing when our new refrigerator made ice. Took him a couple of days to realize that no one was at the door. Bianca (female doggie) was quite as smart as Boo - she did bark the first few times the first day - then she finally realized!

HollyB said...

I got this particular Dashboard Goddess in Abilene at a little "New Age" shop.
As for the scent...I went to Bath Junkie and got "Rain". We're in the middle of a 50 yr. drought up here, even the past week's precip hasn't brought us back up to normal levels. The smell of rain has always been one of my favs. Any essential oil would work. When you decide to switch, just wash her w/ a weak vinegar solution, then let her air dry.
Good Luck.

Flo said...

Now come on, be fair. Those boys are hearing a strange noise in the house they are bound and determined to protect. Brave doggies!

HollyB said...

I forgot to tell you...the key to keeping the Dashboard Goddess on the dash is velcro. A tiny bit on the dash and a corresponding tiny bit on her underside and Voila` she's stuck to the dashboard. Then I can just pull her apart from the "anchor" piece when the top is down and I leave the car. I would hate to lose her to a Goddess-napper!