Friday, January 19, 2007

No Spanking?!?!?!

What! ? Is this guy completely Insane?
Or maybe he's just never tried to teach a two-year-old NOT to reach for an open flame. You can say, "No, No, Burn the Baby!" 'til you're blue in the face! And that critter will STILL reach for it. But you combine that phrase, with a spank on the hand and after a couple of times they WILL stop reaching for the fire, I guarandamtee you. And I've got two grown chirrens with NO burn scars on their perfect hands to prove it.
And yes, I've had Developmental Psychology, thank you very much. I made an "A". I also raised two children, have eleven neices and nephews and numerous friends in their age groups. Each and every one of them had plump little hineys [except for Diana]. You know why they had those plump buns? Because Mother Nature designed them that way. When a Mother or Daddy's hand connects with a child's rear-end, just enough to sting, there is enough padding there that the child is not going to be hurt.
I'm not crazy. I would NEVER advocate abusing your child. But spanking is NOT abuse. Spanking, by definition, is using your hand, to cause a mild stinging sensation on the bottom. And it has a place in the disciplinary continuum.
Besides, if spanking is outlawed, only outlaw couples will spank during foreplay. Then how long will it be before they come for our fur-lined handcuffs?


Ambulance Driver said...

You said it, sister. Ever noticed that people who are totally opposed to spanking their children usually have children sorely in need of a spanking?

I tell ya, Chronic Hickory Deficiency is running rampant.

Flo said...

Yours are fur-lined?! Where oh where did you get them????

Seriously, I agree with both of you. And have you seen any policies on corporal punishment in school? By the time it's determined the offense merits such punishment, the student's file has been checked to see if parents have approved such punishment, the parents have been notified that such punishment is to be used, the paperwork has been drawn up, a witness has been appointed, the paddle inspected for splinters.......what was the punishment for?

I used to be surprised they didn't have to notify the media. Then I figured if it ever actually happened, the media would know anyway.

Bent said...

LOL - Yes, what's next, ballgags? Eee Gads!

Light stinging sensation on the bottom definitely has a place in American life, whether it be youth discipline...or other ;-)

Matt G said...

Actually, I let my two year olds touch the flames when I watched them reach for 'em. Yes, I was very close.

They got little blisters, and valuable lessons.

I'm probably going to be considered a bad daddy by some for that, but I think that it's as good or better than a spanking, and it's certainly less permanent than the piercings that I see 2 year olds get for fashion's sake.

"Frankly Opinionated" said...

There is direct correlation between juvenile problems and Dr. Benjamim Spock telling America to stop spanking their kids. Spanking is affection, caring for their future.
nuf sed

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. My older sister, younger brother and I all grew up being spanked. And none of us are "agressive" or feel that violence is OK. We were never abused, and always knew that we were loved....but from an early age we knew the rules and knew that the rules WOULD be enforced.

The key is to spank (or however you chose to punish)with love and never anger. Had my dad ever yelled at us kids right before or during a spanking, we would've probably been terrified. Instead, he calmly -- yet firmly -- would let us know why we were going to be spanked. After the spanking he would hug us and assure us that he still loved us.

I don't have children of my own yet, but I can say that the government will not tell me how I am to raise my children. I've seen friends of mine who didn't have any discipline, and most of them grew up to do drugs, drink, etc. If my children need to be introduced to a switch or belt, so be it. My siblings and I didn't come out any the worse for wear.