Friday, January 19, 2007

Ben is SO my Little Be-atch

Several days ago, in fact it may have been a week ago, the battery on Ben's electronic collar died. We have a fence around the entire yard. Thanks to my Fav Step-Bro and my XY offspring spending an entire afternoon late last October, we have a double gate across the driveway, in addition to a buried electronic "fence" across the driveway. But, since the battery in his collar died, the shock feature that keeps him inside the boundary isn't working right now.
So, the gate has to be closed to keep the dogs in the yard. And we normally keep the gate closed. But when I came home last night from Killeen, it was extremely cold and dark, so after unloading my car neither the Dearly Beloved nor I went out and closed the gate.
So this morning, when we let them out for their morning constitutional and perimeter patrol, Boo, and Ben decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood. Luckily I was paying attention. I rapped on the living room window. Boo, being the obedient girl she is, came running back into the yard and made a beeline for the back door.
Ben, took one look at me, heisted his leg on a tree at the corner and took off. I came back inside. Threw on my coat, grabbed my DL and keys and jumped in the car. As I'm backing my car into the side yard, so that I can pull straight out the driveway, Ben comes running into the yard and begins his usual frenzied circling and barking of my vehicle. I open the door, trying to lure him within arm's reach. He's not falling for THAT. So I get out of the car, leaving it running, but in park. He cautiously comes around to my side, and I wave him into the car.
Like the sucker he is, he jumps right in! I hop in, and sit down and snap the leash onto his collar. He turns his big brown eyes to me as if to say, "I've been had, haven't I?"
He looked sooo pitiful, I simply couldn't betray him completely. Besides, I'f I'd just dragged him into the house, my ruse might not work next time. So I pull out of the driveway, and we circle the block, with the window down so he can hang his head out and bark at the neighborhood.
He's happy b/c he got a ride in Mama's car. I'm happy b/c it was easy to catch him. The Dearly Beloved is happy b/c HE didn't have to go out in the cold to get HIS dawg back. Boo's not real happy...Ben's back.
All is well.

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Matt G said...

I hate that dog.