Monday, January 15, 2007

I Hate Sears, Those Wankers!!!

Thirty minutes before our new fridge was due to arrive, they called. "Because of icy conditions, we're not making any deliveries today. Your refrigerator will be delivered on Wednesday." And I'm thinkin', "What happened to TUESDAY?" But if I had asked, I'm sure I would have gotten some whiny reply about backed up schedules, and "we're so sorry". Yeah, right! If they were very dang sorry they'd have it here tomorrow.

I'm going out of town tomorrow. I'll be gone 'til Friday. I may post something from Mom's, but don't count on it. She has dial-up, and let's face it, I'm spoiled by cable access now. I get impatient with DSL. But I may post, just don't count on it.


Flo said...

All you had to do was ask. I have extensive experience with Sears. Deliveries are scheduled according to your area, so your available delivery days are evidently Monday and Wednesday. Mine are Thursday and Saturday. And since I chose excellent quality appliances, not all were in stock due to their popularity, so my delivery dates range from 30 December to 1 February.

And, if you will recall, 30 December had been preceded by a gullywasher. So while you and I were shopping and eating and driving topless and laughing in TX, the delivery truck got stuck in the mud up here and ended up putting the goods in the baby house. Fortunately, the same team came back last week and they graciously moved the first items back to the main house.

[sigh] Get your heads out of the gutter. It was the CAR that was topless.

Diamond Mair said...

At least it's cold enough right now, here in Texas, to "keep" your perishables outside ................ ;-)

phlegmfatale said...

TOTAL wankers! I'm sorry you didn't get your new ice-box as promised. I thought of you this week and wondered, but then I thought "nah, they were delivering it Monday, and that was before the roads got treacherous." Meh.

On the upside, at least right now you can use the great outdoors as your refrigerator!

Dearly Beloved said...

Just an update from the home front - -
I was, of course manning the ramparts while H was off visiting. I looked forward to having the newly installed 'fridge ready for her return.

Ha. Ho flippin' ho.

Delivery was due "sometime between 12:30 and 3:30." About 11:15, phone rang and some dulcet-toned female type informed me that, due to the weather, no deliveries would be possible on Wednesday.
"We'll call and reschedule your delivery for Friday. No, sir, the Grapevine warehouse is closed due to icy roads. No, sir, I have no idea of their schedule on Friday. Someone will call you. No, sir, I have no idea WHEN you'll be notified. Thanks for your patience. Buh-bye now."

Yeah, I'd really like to be angry at SOMEONE, but who? Dave Finfrock? Naw, he does a better job than most of the weather guessers, and he was pretty much spot-on with his forecasts recently. The powers-that-be at the G/V warehouse? Not really. I'd been watching the slip-n-slide marathon on TV all morning.

Oh, well, I have a warm house and sufficient provisions and little reason to go outdoors. The dogs love this stuff, so I'm pretty much acting as their doorman, sipping warm drinks, hanging out in front of the Magic Elf Box [nod to LawDog] and relaxing. ;)


Juliet said...

DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS. Their customer service sucks so bad... they don't have ANY!! My front load washer stopped spinning. I called Sears repair - BIG MISTAKE. 1st they told me on the phone it would cost $65 to have them come out. The guy comes, goes down into my basement for 10-15 mins., comes up and tells me "the motor is all rusted out - it's shot." Tells me it'll cost $400 to put in a new motor but that I can just buy a new machine for $400. Then he bills me for $75 not $65. I go online to see what is involved with replacing the motor, maybe my boyfriend and I can do it ourselves and save money, right? I found MULTIPLE websites that said the same symptoms my machine had (filling and draining but only humming when it should spin) could be as simple as a clogged coin trap. In less time than the guy was in my house we cleaned the trap and I have since done 3 loads with my "rusted out and shot" motor!!! So you have to ask yourself; was he totally incompetent or was he malicious? If you look you can see NO RUST on the motor. I am voting malicious! And you have to know - had I run out and bought a new machine they would have taken away my old one - like they are so nice to take it off my hands right? But then I bet they would clean the coin trap and sell it as "refurbished" for another $250 profit for them! And to add insult to injury they refused to refund the $75 it cost me to have their guy do NOTHING (and no offense, but, he was about 5' 9" yet weighed like 400lbs., not sure he could even really get down low enough to actually see under my machine) and then try to rip me off! :( Plus, the attitude I have run into again and again with them on this makes me believe this is SOP for Sears repair; do nothing, lie, get them to buy new and then resell their old thing.