Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holey Moley! Hello, Nolanville!

I really hope this color prints out as Kangaroos Maroon!
I was lookin' at my site meter, just seeing from where I'm drawing my readers...and Lo and Behold, There you are!
I knew I used to have a reader from Temple, but haven't seen that one in a while...guess he/she got bored. But, now, here you are. Why we're practically Neighbors, sorta.
I'm gonna be in Killeen this week, as a matter of fact. I have fam scattered from Temple all the way to Goldthwaite. I'll wave as I pass [going the speed limit, of course] through.
Hey, do you know Rocky? If you do, tell him Doug and his little Sis say, "Hi", thanks.

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