Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holly's Helpful Hints

Normally, I'm the last kid on the block to know about neat, new stuff. But in this case, I guess it pays to be a "Gadget-Freak".

I read about Dryer Balls in a catalog. First of all, I LOVE catalog shopping. No driving, no fighting for a decent parking space, no crowds. Shoot, I don't even have to get DRESSED. I can sit on the couch in my Jammies, prop my feet up, and browse to my heart's content. And for a small shipping and handling fee, I can have whatever I desire delivered right to my door!
Anyhoo, dryer balls are hard, rubber-like balls, about the size of tennis balls, covered with little studs. when placed in your dryer, they tumble amongst your clothes keeping them seperated. This allows the air to circulate more freely through your items which cuts down on the drying time. Since the dryer is one of the big electricity suckers in your home, this has the effect of cutting down on your utility bills. Somehow, they also lower the amount of static that builds up in your dryer load, so you don't have to use as many fabric softner sheets.
Except, with 'delicates' and items with a high nylon/synthetic content. They still need fabric softner.

Anyhoo...I was soooo excited about these little doobers I told all my friends. Flo told Mair. Mair blogged about it. Flo's sis, Lovi, read about them in Mair's blog and sent me an email wanting more info. I figured if Lovi still didn't know, maybe there were more of y'all out there who needed to know about these "wonder balls'.
So now you know. Git Some!


Diamond Mair said...

Another gadget that makes my "Top Ten" is the 'push-a-button' can opener - you can get'em @ Sharper Image, Bed-Bath-&-Beyond, & WalMart, AND off TV - got one 'cause the hand-rotary types were letting me know that arthritis is building - this little gem, you place on top of the can, press the button {on mine, from Sharper Image, I have to press the button a couple of times, for it to engage}, and away it goes .................. cats have decided that when that motor takes off, THEY'RE getting goodies .................... ;)
They take 2 AA batteries, which are good for 50-75 cans ...............

Rabbit said...

When I was at Mom's for Christmas I saw she had 4 dryer balls in her dryer. I did a load of laundry for myself while I was there and asked her about the balls- she said her engineer husband didn't see any harm in it, so she used them. Maybe it's the quantity, but they sure were loud.


HollyB said...

yeah, but did your stuff dry faster?

G Bro said...

No, the balls were sure dry.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll get one of those dryer balls toute-de-suite. It was great talking to you today! :)

Flo said...

Loud, dry balls. Now I'm not so sure I really want balls.