Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Exhausting Friday

Friday, the Dearly Beloved and I had a greuling day. We were finally forced to go hunting. Yes, I said FORCED, to go hunting, for that most elusive of all prey, a reasonably priced refrigerator. We stopped in at Sears. The SNSS and his Lovely Wife had gotten a good deal on a nice ice box there about 1.5 yrs ago. I wasn't overly optimistic, they had found their's on sale. We, on the other hand, were having to buy one because ours was no longer keeping ice frozen, and the refrigerator part was barely keeping the milk and other items cool. We did not have the luxury of waiting for a sale.
Imagine my delight when we walked into Sears to discover they were in the middle of a SALE! We looked at several models, and finally decided the 20.5 cu foot one was probably the one we wanted. But, just so we could say we had ruled out other possibilities, we were going to check out other stores.
We headed south to the next town. On the way to the original destination, I suggested stopping at Home Depot. I didn't think we'd actually find a comparable fridge at a comparable price, but I thought we might find the ABG at work.
I was right on BOTH suppositions. HD is WAAAAYYY too proud of their appliances. The ABG was glad to see us and we both got a hug and some conversation.
Then we headed to our original destination of Conn's. They are a discount Appliance store. But even they couldn't beat Sears price on that 20.5 cu foot. They wanted more for an icemaker and installation and removal of the old one. Forget that.

We went home and checked the measurements. In order for the new fridge to fit, we needed an extra 1.25". Did the Dearly Beloved listen to my SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT idea of just removing the doors and moving the bottom [and only] shelf up 2"? NO, Children, he did not. So, after checking to make sure that the cabinet in question is seperate from the adjacent one that holds my "holly" glasses, wine stemware and champagne flutes, he gets up on the step stool and starts removing the screws from the studs. The cabinet won't move. Then, he notices the 3 screws holding that cabinet to the cabinet with all the glass ware in it. Brief delay while I remove the stems from the top shelf. He commences to remove those pesky screws... until I start yelling, "STOP, STOP, STOP" Why do we always yell in 3's when it's important?
The reason I'm yelling and grabbing for the glassware cabinet is that it is pulling away from the wall. While the Dearly Beloved is putting all those screws back in their places, I'm holding the cabinet in place and cussin' the previou owners of the house who thought it expedient to anchor one cabinet to another instead of anchoring them BOTH to studs.
Which is what the DB did after I had removed all the stemware to a safe place.
Then, we went back to Sears and bought the refrigerator we had looked at that afternoon. And, just as an added bonus, besides being on sale...there was also an extra 10% off because we bought it before the 13th!

By then we were sooo tired we had to go out to dinner. I'll blog about that when I've had some sleep.

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phlegmfatale said...

We yell in 3s because we know our husbands most likely weren't listening to the first "Stop!" and most likely didn't hear the second "Stop!" and odds are he may notice the third time you say it. At least, that's the way it is in my house. I'm glad you found a good deal on a fridge - I've got one of those shopping extravaganzas in my future, too.