Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, that cold snap did indeed blow through town. It's currently 31 with precip falling from the sky. It's a mix of rain and freezing rain. TX DoT is sanding the bridges and overpasses. The high today is supposed to be 35.
I expect reports of many wreck in our little town at one highway overpass. An exit goes straight off the highway, while the two lanes of the highway {with the two lane shoulders} make a curve to the left. This curve is an overpass and it gets slicker than owl snot when it's wet, much less icy. If you slow down to about 25, and don't try to brake, you can negotiate it. Of course, the students commuting to the Major University, and folks passing through to points North, doon't have time to slow down that much so it becomes a bumper car course.
Me? I'm staying home today. I've got one of those nifty cup warmer thingies to keep the coffee, tea, hot chocolate warm. I've got ham, pinto beans, soup, cornbread, grilled cheese fixins. I've got a warm Dearly Beloved and two warm Dog Babies. I've got movies. I've got books. I've got stitchin' to do.
What more could a sane woman ask for?


Rabbit said...

SWMBO and I stayed in all day, except when I made a run to the store for crackers and other essentials during the 'snowstorm' about 5ish. Sat in front of the fireplace, drank coffee most of the day, and were surrounded by dogs and cats who kept asking why they couldn't go outside. I worked up a batch of chili while she procrastinated making a cake for work, should she have to go in tomorrow.

Around 10ish, the younger Incubus announced he intended to go to a friends house (in spite of black ice), which was quickly and loudly vetoed, but I suspect he's snuck out anyway. Looks like the battery in his vehicle is about to be requisitioned tomorrow.

It hasn't been as much fun this go-round as it was the last two, as there wasn't enough ice to make the freeway follies such a media event, but the few automotive roundy-rounds were entertaining anyway.

Y'all play nice and stay warm.


G Bro said...

A coworker notes his car thermometer dropped 16 F in 1 mile (at highway speeds). Now that's a front! I have kitty condos on the front porch with heaters in them. At last count, two customers.

G Bro said...

Ooh ooh! I forgot the present you left me:

"What more could a sane woman ask for?"

"I don't know, let's go ask one."

Thank you, thank you very much.

Lovi said...

Add a little Bailey's Irish Cream and Kalua to that hot chocolate - you'll REALLY have a great day!
We've got ab out 10 inches of snow here. Too powdery for snowballs/men though :(

cait said...

Aside from a significant drop in temps - it now feels like December SHOULD feel @ 25 degrees - we dodged the ice and snow. *sigh* Better luck next time fronts collide.

For my blog friends who were on the receiving end :-P You get to have a lovely snow day during the work week! Enjoy and be safe.


Flo said...

Lovi wants to know how slick owl snot is.

Rabbit, what is SWMBO? (Or do I not want to know?)

Kitty condos with heaters--don't tell my cats (or dogs!!!) or they'll want to go live with you!

Poor Cait, but there's plenty of winter left.

Kimberly said...

Rub it dearly beloved isn't home to warm me up. Dang navy =P

G Bro said...

"She Who Must Be Obeyed"

I like that one - hadn't seen it before. Is there a little prayer altar or any particular religious garb one wears when one is obedient?

Rabbit said...

Only in the interest of domestic tranquility, g bro.


damn cats.

Flo said...

SWMBO--I LOVE that! I think there's a particular suit y'all have that would be very appropriate!

And hang in there, Kimberly. Several of us know what you're going through, and we'll think warm thoughts for you.

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