Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Take on Barak Obama

Well, I'll fess up. I had heard the guy's name, but other than knowing he was an up and comer in the Democratic party, I didn't know anything else about him. I hadn't listened to his keynote speech at the 2004 Dem Nat'l. Conv. b/c I'm not all that wild about organized sports. Besides, I was busy that summer with a sick family member. {Those of you who know me will remember what an awful time that was for me}

With the fur flying over at The LawDog Files, I figured I better do a little research before I said too much. I went over to and did a little reading. I found a couple of issues on which Mr. Obama and I agree, but I was dismayed to find so many more on which he is toeing the far left planks of the Democratic Party Platform. But I guess he's gotta keep dancing with the folks who brought him to the dance, huh?

I saw him on Leno tonight and I will say this for him, he's got charisma for days. And after reading some of his press releases, speech excerpts, and excerpts from his book Dreams from My Father he's very adept at rhetoric.
What I didn't find, was substance on some of the tough issues, like Welfare and Poverty. On that issue, all the site had were quotes froom his book and his 2004 Keynote speech. And some figures of how he increased the Earned Income Tax Credit in IL by $100M and "expanded access to health care to 65K families." I have nothing against the EITC, it puts money back into the economy that was taken from the WORKING poor. And if it had just been CHILDREN who were given health care coverage, or pregnant women, but this press release specified FAMILIES. I have a problem, and disagree with extending tax-paid health care coverage to healthy adults.

I also question the self-esteem issues of a man who identifies himself as black, when he is Bi-racial. His Mother was white. I don't have a problem with him being bi-racial, why does he? He says he's 1/2 white when asked, but he says he understands the problems of disenfranchised Black Americans. Yeah, there are so many Harvard Law educated black Americans in our country. I think a lot of what Mr. Obama does is grandstanding; calculated behavior designed to curry favor with certain segments of the society and garner votes today and in the future. But then I tend to think that about most politicians.

On the issue of AIDS, he says the US should pay its "fair shar to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria..." Really? I tell ya' somethin' Barak. I used to work for a grassroots, NPO in that fight. It was a while back, from 1989-93. I was a volunteer and then a paid staffer. So I've seen it up close and personal. It's been around for over 20 years now. We know what causes HIV/AIDS, we know how to stop it. It is time for OTHER countries to pay THEIR fair share in this fight. It is time for Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, and every other country to pull out their checkbooks and pay some of their overdue bills!!!

On the issue of the War in Iraq, Obama, in July, 2004 said he was opposed to the war and would not have voted to authorize it if he had been in office at the time when the vote was taken. Then, three months later in October,2004, he enumerates the three key objectives we need to achieve in Iraq before we withdraw. I'm confused by his stance. Does he want us out, or does he want us to stay until we accomplish these objectives, or has he changed his mind since Oct.'04?

He's pro-gun control, against the death penalty, pro-choice, hasn't decided about gay marriage, but thinks sexual orientation should be covered by anti-discrimination legislation. He is an advocate of Affirmative Action.

I'm not one of those folks that thinks gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage. Heck, I know some gay couples who have more stable relationships than a lot of straight, married couples I know. If they want to get married, let them. It's not gonna hurt anybody. It's not like they're gonna ask straight people to marry them, or go on recruiting drives. Get a grip!

Since the Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and original affimative action legislation back in the 1960's was enacted, the "playing field" has been leveled. I don't think there is a need for affirmative action 40 years down the road. If black students/applicants cannot get admitted to universities or get hired it's not because of their race. It's because they didn't take advantage of the public school education they were offered from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Get Over It. Start taking advantage of what's offered to you and quit blaming "the Man". Look in the mirror, or look at your parents if you want to blame someone.

On the issue of gun control, there are enough laws on the books right now in every state and in this country to end gun violence. Read this next carefully: WE DO NOT NEED MORE LAWS, WE NEED BETTER ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS WE HAVE !!! If, and I know it is an unlikely event, but IF this country is ever attacked, every gun grabbing, gun fearing one of you will be knocking on the door of your gun owning neighbor beggin' for protection. You may think you would never fire a gun at another human being. But you look at someone you love. Now imagine some criminal, or terrorist is beating, or kicking down your door and that person you love is in imminent danger of being tortured, maimed or killed. I could fire on that evil-doer to protect my loved one, and I hope that you could do so in that circumstance, too.

The death penalty. I've worked with too many criminals. It may not be a deterrent to other criminals, but it by Goddess deters THAT criminal!

The Choice issue? Possibly the most divisive issue of my generation. I was gonna give this one a pass, but that would be the quisling's way out. I wish abortions weren't necessary, I truly do. But as long as there are rapes and incest, I feel we need to have the option of abortion to end those abominations. And, while I have never had one, I don't feel that it's my place to tell another woman, in the first 10 weeks that she can't have one. I think that's between her and her doctor. Tain't nobody else's business. Ok, let me have it.

Sexual Orientation being covered by anti-discrimination law...well that's one that I wish wasn't necessary. I'm not a homophobe, and that includes lesbians. I added that b/c some people think homophobia only applies to gay MEN. Why some people get their Vickies in a twist about who other people get hot and bothered about is beyond me!!! Is their own sex-life so boring that they have to worry about what John and Jane are doing, too? I am aware that pedophiles molest children. Pedophiles are NOT homosexuals. Can't homophobes understand that simple distinction? And the few times a gay woman has made a pass a me, once I made it known me gate didn't swing that direction, she backed off and apologized. No big. I guess I see the logic of not discriminating against gays, I just think it should be common decency not to do it.

The Dearly Beloved said he saw a citation to the effect that Obama wanted to make it illegal to charge wounded soldiers for meals while they were being treated in a V.A. hospital. Both of us found this a little strange. To our knowledge, NO patient in ANY hospital is billed seperately for their meals. DUH, grandstanding again.

He also wants to put a statue of Rosa Parks in the Capitol Rotunda. I don't freakin' think so. No disrespect to Mrs.Parks intended, but she does not warrant a statue in the Capitol Rotunda. More Obama vote garnering. Panderer! Pimping out a sweet old Lady for a few votes!

So, maybe next time I'll tell y'all how I really feel.


Rabbit said...

Im sure glad at least some folks are seeing his true spots, vis a vis LD's expose. I'm in lockstep with your thinking on your points, which shouldn't be too surprising. I'll throw in my .02 on the abortion thing, as mush as I disdain opining on it:

If men got pregnant, we'd have abortion on demand at drive-through windows.

Being male, I do not believe I have any say in a woman's reproductive matters. I also have no known biological offspring of which I am aware. I'm reasonably assured there are none, which is certainly for the best.

2 years as the junior senator from Illinois, easily defeating Alan Keyes, also a black man, who incidentally has a distinguished public record as well as an academic recorn to be envied. Keyes was a sacrifical animal thrown into the race at the last moment. I supported Keyes in the primaries, in fact.

Yeah, Obama is fine Presidential material, just like a Daley is...or Louis Farrakhan.


Rabbit said... causing typos.


Flo said...

What are you two doing up at 0230? And why are you making me think this early in the morning, especially when I have to go get ready to be gone all day?

One thing about the gay marriage issue: of course the churches are against it and concerned about the sanctity of marriage, etc. I think where some people have more of a problem is if it hits their taxpaying wallet. Such as providing benefits to gay "spouses." I'm not a homophobe, either, but I really haven't researched the issue enough to have a firm stand on gay marriage.

However, I am against abortion. At one time, I would have made exceptions for cases of rape or incest. But pregnancy rates in those instances are low, and traumatic as the experience is, wouldn't it be easier to live with the knowledge for the rest of your life that you have made an adoptive couple happy, rather than live with the thought for the rest of your life that you prevented the life of a child?

Anyone that wants to condemn me, fine. You're not going to change my mind and I doubt I can change your mind. But unplanned pregnancy in any instance is traumatic and I know my choice is to make a bad experience good through adoption.

As far as I am concerned, "choice" is "do I go to bed with him/her or not?" Not "do I end this pregnancy or not?" Therefore, sorry Rabbit, but I have to disagree with you when you say you don't have a choice in a woman's reproductive matters.

There you have it, Holly. But I hope I wasn't too mean. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

HollyB said...

That's correct, Flo. We do have the right to disagree on this issue. And as I said, this is possibly the most divisive issue of our generation. I think you and I know where each other's opinions were formed. And we respect one another's right to have differing opinions.
Thank goodness we live in a country where we have the freedom to hold different opinions!

G Bro said...

Very nicely done! I will hold you to this high standard when you assess all of the other candidates.

Some discussion:

I don't see too much comflict in the "black" man being "1/2 white". For most of our lives, 1/2 white
(or even more) was de facto black. Yes, it is playing both sides of the fence for votes. I can only assume you're not voting in 2008 if you're going to reject people who exaggerate to get votes.

I'm concerned about the use of the word "pimp". It's sexual connotations and racial undertones reveal the stereotypes we still use. I know it's colorful and quite popular on the Right - Limbaugh feels so hip and cool when he says "Poverty Pimps" - but let's hear the word when talking about white politicians on non-Left issues. How about:

"Bush pimped WMDs to get support for the Iraq invasion. Panderer! $347 billion. He's a 'borrow-and-spend' pimp!"

I'm with you on the "fair share" to fight global disease. I won't get started.

Rabbit said...

Thanks for your comment, Flo.
I certainly respect your thoughts in contrast to my own. I've been pretty selective about who I bed, so I think I can be a little discriminating there. Far be it from me to cast aspersions on anyone else's past or present. Besides, with my wonky genetic background, it's a Really Good Thing that I don't have offspring.

Oh, and sleep is very overrated. I was up until 0430 and I did get my requisite 3 hours in :D


HollyB said...

gbro, MOST of the pols out there are pimpiing themselves out for votes. They are for sale to the highest biddin' interest group. MOST of them are a bunch of whores.
Bush may truly be a devout man, but he panders to the religious right at campaign time, then ignores them after the votes are counted, except for his favorite hobby horses like abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research.
Never mind, I'll just do another blog on the rest of the candidates some time soon.

Flo said...

Thanks, Rabbit. And if you only need three hours of sleep, why don't YOU have a blog? Holly obviously doesn't have enough people to rib about updating theirs--she's only yelled at Lovi and me that I've seen today.