Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jesus Loves John Kerry

But God likes U.S. Soldiers and Marines better!
Vulgarity Disclaimer
If you are likely to be offended by less than lady-like language, I suggest you sign off now.
Where does that waste of skin and plasma get off disparaging the intelligence of this country's brave men and women serving in the armed forces? I'd say "Screw Him" but I wouldn't, unless I could find a surrogate infected with antibiotic resistant strains of every STD out there !
Don't listen to my ex-husbands...I'm NOT vindictive. I simply have a very finely honed sense of justice.

All kidding aside, now. I know a couple of "sandbox" Veterans personally. I'm proud to say these men are well educated Officers and Gentlemen. One of them is so intelligent, well-read and has such an extensive vocabulary he makes me look like a babbling idiot. And he LOVES being a Soldier. He's proud of serving his country. They both are.
I know of a young man {the son of friends} who resigned his commission as an officer in one branch of the Service so that he could enlist in another branch. He is now an enlisted Special Forces Soldier, he didn't mind losing his rank, or the pay, or the prestige. He wanted to be a By-God-Warrior. That's how much he wanted to serve.
Another young man I know has a BA in History and left a PhD program when his unit was reactivated and sent to "Jihadistan". I think his rank is E-4. Pretty well educated for an enlisted man, huh?
There are other sons and daughters of my friends who felt compelled to serve our country. They did not enlist because they flunked out of college. They didn't enlist because they weren't smart enough to get into college. They enlisted because they felt a calling, a need to give back to the land that has given them so much.
In case it has escaped the notice of a certain politically correct imbecile, this country has hit a 5 year low for unemployment. Individuals don't HAVE to join the Army or Marines or any other branch of the Military because they need a job. And there's not a draft, John. So if they flunk out of college, or drop out, they aren't gonna loos their student deferrment, you brain-dead dufus.

Oh, he was talking about Bush? Just how gullible does he think America IS? I think he's been breathing too many of Al Gore's greenhouse gasses! The media says "W" has fumble-mouth, but he must be bucking for that title. Thank Goddess it's as close as he'll ever get to being Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. They deserve better than a sham who went to VietNam and :
Kerry had been wounded three times and received three Purple Hearts. Asked about the severity of the wounds, Kerry said that one of them cost him about two days of service, and that the other two did not interrupt his duty. "Walking wounded," as Kerry put it. A shrapnel wound in his left arm gave Kerry pain for years. Kerry declined a request from the Globe to sign a waiver authorizing the release of military documents that are covered under the Privacy Act and that might shed more light on the extent of the treatment Kerry needed as a result of the wounds.
What the piece I pasted in doesn't say, but you can find by searching John Kerry + VietNam + Service is several entries on his service record, is that two of the wounds that won him Purple Hearts and counted towards the "3 PHs and you're transferred out of a war zone" rule in effect at the time were so minor they only required a dressing. He didn't loose any time on duty because of two of the three wounds he received in four months "In Country". I know a hell of a lot of VN vets and I don't know ANY who got a sweet deal like that! That slime doesn't deserve to watch a Veteran's Day Parade on television, much less belittle the fine Service men and women of our country, over.


Flo said...

A little easy on him, weren't you? :)

Thanks for telling him off, cuz I still can't see straight when I think about it.

cait said...

This is about the fourth time I've tried to respond to this commentary. Each time I started out being polite and diplomatic as an Army Officer's Wife SHOULD be and each time I had to "delete" and start over again. This time I'm simply going to let fly...Queen Cait Unleashed (sounds good for an album of kick-ass Texas wimmen oriented music doncha think?)

Okay, here's the deal: We don't have "mandatory military service" in this country. Each and every Soldier signed up of his/her own free will. Sure, some Soldiers sign up for the educational benefits. Some sign up for the extra money to augment their civilian salaries. Most sign up because they feel a calling to protect and defend the lifestyle and bene's that come from being a CITIZEN of this country.

Enlistments skyrocketed after Sept 11th. Retired officers and enlisted soldiers formed up at Recruiting stations because they knew their knowledge and experience would be needed - if nothing else they knew they could help keep the young'un's (thoese fresh out of boot camp or OCS)alive during wartime - they knew WAR was coming and they came back to serve again.

Check out and read the lists of those who have given their lives in service. This isn't a "young man's war" or a "young woman's war". In any given week there's at least two or three who are well over 40 - men and women who have been there and done that. Educated Soldiers -particularly from the Army Reserve and National Guard - who chose to sacrifice the financial rewards of their civilian jobs and the time (that precious time) away from their spouses and children, to answer a call from their country. Our country is losing some of our older, highly educated, and seriouly educated leaders right along with our younger and potential-filled young Soldiers.

As hard as it was to send my Warrior to Iraq I did so knowing he could, and did, make a difference in the lives of the Iraqi people. Same goes for our Soldiers in Afghanistan. He (along with Floozie's Warrior) did a helluva job under the scorching sun (kinda like our troops in N. Africa in WWII). He (along with Floozie's Warrior) gave a country that had been beaten down for over 30 years a reason to hope for better days. It took SMART, EDUCATED and COMPASSIONATE SOLDIERS to do takes SMART, EDUCATED, and COMPASSIONATE SOLDIERS to continue to do a dirty job when the media back home, and certain goober politicians, make every available effort to sabotage their efforts.

I would ask "Jon Carry" to kiss my Texas A$$ - but before I did I'd require that he present a health certificate to ensure I wouldn't be exposed to a terminal case of "Democratic Dumbass Disease".

Next time I'll tell you how I really feel.

Kimberly said...

I'm the wife of an active Navy Petty Officer First Class. Thankfully that waste of space and disgrace to veterans everywhere lost the election.

Flo said...

What blog speak/code were you talking about??? And I think I fixed my SiteMeter. And I think you're falling behind in posting. :p

phlegmfatale said...

Go tell it, sister! He's such a colossal dirtbag. How dare he.