Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some People Really Like to...

test the limits of what you'll tolerate, don't they?
Like, say, Flo, for example. GO back and check out the 4th comment on my Kerry blog, which I posted the night BEFORE I had promised to post it, BTW. She must have been in a real snotty mood. I understand building a house from the ground up will do that to you, though. Going over schedule and over budget doesn't help, either. That's what she gets for hiring a GUY contractor.
See, I think more women should get their contractor licenses, or certification or whatever it is they have to get to become a contractor. And I think this for a very good reason. When a couple is building a house, the husband may be the one who does most of the talking to the contractor, unless the wife is an Architect or has some expertise of her own, but mostly what he is doing is telling the contractor what it is that his WIFE wants. Can I get an Amen?
If the couple had a Woman contractor, the husband wouldn't have to be bothered. The wife and the contractor could sit down and discuss plans from the beginning. That way the contractor could give the couple a REALISTIC estimate on costs from the "git-go".

Now THAT was not gonna be my subject for today, but that's tangential thinking for you.
I have been singularly uninspired since Saturday night. I think it must have been the 1/2 cooked Lobster tail at Red Lobster that did it! I've been eating lobster for 30 years, so it only took a couple of chews to realize something was seriously wrong! I discreetly put it in my napkin and transferred it to the bread plate. The Dearly Beloved took one look at my suddenly white face and asked me what was wrong. I told him the back 1/2 of the lobster tail wasn't fully cooked.
About that time the waiter came up to the table to ask if everything was allright, I excused myself, and ran for the Ladies'.
Not a pleasant ending to what had been a nice evening.

But THAT wasn't going to be my subject tonight, either.

I was gonna tell y'all about a great little online graphic novel the Dearly Beloved has been reading. He bookmarked it and the other day I clicked on it out of curiosity. Graphic Novels aren't usually my cup of tea. But this one has me roflmao and wishing history had really happened the way these writers envision it. Slide on over to http://www.bigheadpress.com/roswell?page=1 and try the first 3 chapters and see if you're not just enchanted. If you're a Native Born Texican, I bet you will be. I'm 6th generation, myownself and I have to limit my reading to two chapters/day in order to get something done every day.
Arm a 'Dillo!


phlegmfatale said...

Ya know, I've always vowed that if I ever had a house built, I'd be on site daily and micro managing proceedings. For sure!

Can't wait to check out that novel. Sorry about the half-baked lobster - that's a gross-out that'll stay with you for a while.

JPG said...

ROSWELL, TEXAS by L. Neill Smith

That's the name of the graphic novel to which Holly refers in the final paragraph. Mr. Smith is a veteran sci fi writer, author of The Probability Broach, which features a parallel universe theme with powerful Libertarian themes.

Definitely worth a look!


Flo said...

{sigh} First you send us to an earlier post--which was posted three whole days before this one. THEN you want an Amen. (Amen.) THEN we're supposed to go read a book in our spare time, AFTER we puke up the half-baked lobster (should have gone for the crab legs).

Is there anything ELSE we can do for you, your Goddessness?

Yes, I am enjoying the story, thanks Holly's DB. And thanks for referring phlegmfatale to my site, and thanks for visiting, phlegmfatale--appreciated the comment.

And SORRY I didn't rush immediately to your blog after you left the message last night, I was at one of my ministry things.

Did I forget anything? Well, nothing I can comment politely about.

So there. I'm done being snotty. For a minute or two!

:) Love ya!

HollyB said...

Well, at least your snotty comment got me off my uninspired tushie and into the writing mood.
Can you tell Phlegmfaltale got a new ISP? I think she left about 14 messages on different blogs last night.

G Bro said...

"6th generation"? I didn't know the Irish came across on the Siberian land bridge! Or maybe with St. Brendan on one of his excursions. ;-)

I was counting back, and I may be 5th generation on my mom's side. My dad's father and his mom's parents emigrated in the late 1800's (Grandma was born here). So what generation Texian does that make me?

HollyB said...

On my Mother's side, they came in with Austin. Had a Relative who showed up San Jacinto, on April 22. Great timing, huh? Or so the family stories go, anyway. One of these days, I'll try to do the research.