Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm a Troublemaker?

Me? The Dearly Beloved and I were watching TeeVee the other night and the inevitable series of political ads came on. A favorite sport in our home is "Commercial Commentary", especially about political ads.
The Chris Bell/Rick Perry ads are so easy. They are just dripping with rhetoric and heavy handedness. I start my Mac Kulkin impersonation when they come on. "OH NO! Not Perry! He's gonna give our kids ASTHMA!"
But after sitting thru yet another Susan Combs {she's running for Comptroller} ad, I snapped! Not in the sense that I lost my mind. No, I mean I suddenly realized where I had heard those same words before. It's almost word for word the same ad Carol Keaton ran when SHE was running for Comptroller.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in Texas, or who don't keep up with TX politics... Carol is the lady running for Governor from the platform of Comptroller. It may have worked for Ann Richards, but it ain't gonna work for Carol, at least not this cycle.
I'm sure with a little research, I could verify this memory, but I'm too lazy to do the research. But my memory is pretty good, in spite of the hateful rumors my chirrens are spreading. Anyhoo, when I made this prouncement, my Dearly Beloved told me I was a Troublemaker! He said my memory was too good! I was just trying to undermine that honest woman's campaign. Why just look at her, she still holds her husband's hand when they take a walk! She must be honest!

That's right, y'all. It's all part of my evil machinations to rule the Universe.
Today, the State candidates, tomorrow, The former Vice President!


Flo said...

I thought LawDog said HE was gonna rule the universe? But then, we know MY memories aren't the best.

Can't say that I miss TX politics, but we've got plenty in the Show Me state to keep us busy. It would be entertaining if it weren't getting so ugly.

Is it Wednesday yet?

G Bro said...

A hairdo wearing a suit vs. a man as gray as his personality.

Actually, the DB's been meaning to tell you for a long time that you're a troublemaker. Thsi was just the first excuse he found.

cait said...

Kinky Friedman for Governor - why the HELL not? Beats Rick "the Pr*ck" Perry (apologies to those who were not around when I had a home remodeling contractor named Rick) or "Grandma" who petitioned to actually have the moniker added to the ballot just cuz she is one. Phooey!

On one hand I really miss TX politics - it's simply INTERESTING on so many levels. On the other hand, send some sympathy my way because I have to vote, and deal with, the dumba$$ non-choices here in AR. *sigh*

God Bless Texas...

phlegmfatale said...

All I know is that when you rrrrrule the worrrrld, I want to be your fashion advisor, m'kay?

HollyB said...

Absolutely, Phlegmy! I wouldn't dream of allowing anyone but you to be my official fashion adviser. May I Please,Please,Please have a pair of Prada sunglasses like my friend Claudia, please, huh, please?