Thursday, October 05, 2006

Temporary Hiatus

Sorry, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be too busy obeying one of those pesky marital vows to write my blog for a period of time.
When things calm down, I'll be back.
Be patient. All good things come to those who sit and fume.


G Bro said...

I spent quite some time trying to come up with a story to connect with the pun(ch) line "Hi ate us", but I just couldn't quite get there. Lucky you! ;-)

Rabbit said...

Hope J.'s hip gets better soon. He's too cantankerous to be down for long.


HollyB said...

G, sometimes the Goddess IS merciful.
Rabbit, I hope you read my next post. Or that you are still on TFL. He came home on the 13th. Didn't know you were a reader. Glad to have you on board.