Monday, October 02, 2006

I Know I Promised

Y'all a story about a guy who lived in an old school bus, but I need to take another day or two off from the Parolee stories. So you're gonna get some random thoughts today instead.

Now, R.Lee Ermey may not be your idea of a great actor. However, there are some roles for which he is absolutely perfect. The D.I. in "Full Metal Jacket" comes immediately to mind. His gig on The History Channel is good, except for the fact that you have to lower the volume. Why the director seems to think ol' Lee has to scream all his lines is beyond my ken. But now he [Lee] has stepped outside my comfort zone. I was watching TeeVee Sunday night and unfortunately saw a trailer for Tobe Hooper's latest blood and gore fest: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning." Lee has a role in this prequel. Don't ask me how big the role is, or who he is playing. Don't know, don't wanna know, ain't gonna waste my time goin' to IMDb to find out. That Gunny is disgracing the Corps and his Mama by "actin' " in this tripe is JUST WRONG!

Did you know that the movie "Dallas" based on that old TV series, is going to be filmed, partially, anyway, in Loufreakinisiana? That's JUST WRONG!

Would somebody tell me, please, when Bob Seger and Randy White got OLD?

I try not to get all my televised news from one network. I generally watch NBC, CNN, and FOX. Sometimes I'll watch MSNBC, but that's just like Cable NBC, but they sometimes have a special I like. And that's where this next random thought comes from. Saturday night has become a wasteland viewing possibilities on the major networks. Thank Goddess for NetFlix. But, I was in between shipments of movies, so I was watching an MSNBC Investigates program about this sicko pedophile. This guy was 67. He would kidnap 15 - 16 y.o. girls and keep them as his sex slaves for a couple of months in his basement. The police found a plethora of polaroids and videos when they finally busted him. He had been doing this for YEARS. And this guy kept saying that he didn't do anything wrong!! I had to switch channels. Now when someone who has worked with Sex Offenders in a professional capacity can't stomach a program, you know it's pretty bad.

Another goodie I saw recently on the news was on CNN. Normally I think of CNN as one of the more "Liberal" media outlets. But Glenn Beck [I'd never heard of him before CNN, but then I don't listen to talk radio, either] is a whole different kettle of fish. Glenn was talking about the change in attitude of the Iraqi people towards binLaden and alQueda. Seems that at the beginning of the war in Iraq, the Iraqi people were solidly in favor of Osama and his Terrorist knitting circle. But now that alQueda has been blowing up Iraqi citizens, and soldiers, and policemen, and children,and disrupting their flow of commerce and vital goods and services, seems the approval ratings have taken a nose dive. I didn't catch from where he got the numbers, but he said that 94 % of Iraqis don't like binLaden and 93% of Iraqis don't like alQueda. Now if we could get the Iraqis to ACT on those sentiments...

Well, that's it. My tangential thinking hasa run out. Hope you were entertained for a brief period of time, anyway.


G Bro said...

I couldn't resist so I looked on IMDB on your behalf (?): Lee Ermey (as the sheriff) is the only recognizable face in the cast (although I might have recognized a DD starlet bosom - I'd have to double check to be sure). The cast has dubious or nonexistent prior experience. Looks like a real winner.

G Bro said...

I haven't cared much for Glenn Beck so far - he comes off as O'Reilly Lite, CNN-must-compete-with-ranting-host kind of personality. But last night he said, "Why is it anytime a politician gets in trouble - Foley, Kennedy Jr, Packwood - they say they're alcoholic and hide in rehab? I'm an alcoholic, and they're giving us a bad name!"

Two things: he wasn't holier-than-thou, and he named politicians on both sides of the aisle. Something about that I like.