Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cobbler like Goddess and Nature Intended

Whoa, I've written Recipe blogs before, but I've never gotten as many comments as the one about the Kraft Cheesecake Filling! And I appreciate all the comments and the new recipes.

I must make a personal revelation. Certain members of my Family have a weird prediliction. My Mother, older Bro, middle Step-Bro and I all read Cookbooks like other folks read novels. Seriously, we will sit down with a new cookbook and read it cover-to-cover, dogearing pages, or in my case, marking pages with those little sticky bookmarks and making notes in the margins in pencil. I also subscribe to, so about 4 times/week I get recipes by email. Sometimes I save them to my computer's recipe box, and sometimes I delete them. I tell y'all all this so that you will know I know whereof I am about to opine.

Cobbler made with cake or that ends up with a cakey type crust ain't Cobbler. It's cake with fruit. The BI+C# GODDESS of Moot Points, Futile Arguments and Lost Causes has spoken. As I am a benevolent Goddess, you may express a differring opinion, but you will not change my mind. Generations of excellent cobbler makers on all the branches of my family tree have sent this information down to me. It's in my genes.

I am about to risk serious bodily injury by revealing our family secret of cobbler crust. It's not THAT much of a risk. My Mother couldn't find my blog if her life depended on it, and both my grandmothers are long dead, may they Rest in Peace, so here goes.

Make your usual PIE Crust dough. I make my cobbler in a 9 x 13 dish, b/c my Dearly Beloved loves cobbler and likes to have it for days.
So I roll my crust out in a rectangle. Then I carefully transfer it to a cookie sheet, and bake it in a 425 oven for 10 minutes. This crisps it enough that when the fruits and juices and butter and sugar are added on top it doesn't get all soggy.
Then I make another rectangle, and repeat the baking. and add it on top of the bottom layer of crust and fruit. More fruit and juices and butter and sugar gets added.
Then a third batch of dough gets rolled out. BUT, this layer gets cut into strips. then baked. These strips get laid on top of the fruit in a lattice pattern. Dot with butter and sprinkle with sugar.
Put this concoction in a 350 oven for 45 minutes, then check for bubbliness and goldenness. Serve warm with ice cream or REAL Whipped Cream, depending on your degree of decadence. I say 'serve warm', not 'HOT', b/c if you serve it hot you will burn your taste buds and not be able to truly appreciate the exquisite flavors of the fruit and butter and sugar and ice cream. So there!

Now, I will be the very First to admit that this is a LOT of work. Throwing the pie filling, and cake mix and whatever into a baking dish is easier. But I repeat, it AIN'T cobbler. It may be tasty, it may in fact be delicious. I've had some of these treats, and they were good. I enjoyed them. But I left the table still hungry for COBBLER.
When you've been raised on Pie-Crust Cobbler, and that's what you're hungry for, that's what you by-Goddess want and nothing else, no matter how tasty, will do!
Can I get an AMEN?


cait said...

Duh...that's why it's called "cheater's cobbler" and not "scrumptiously delicious, made from scratch, lots of work home-made cobbler." What you work like a pack mule to produce is the Sunday Go-to-Meetin' good stuff. Cheater's Cobbler is "ohmigod you're bring WHO home for dinner? What am I going to fix for dessert?" Plus, it provides for some fine (almost) instantant gratification. And you know how the Queen likes that kind of thing.

You may be the B^tch Goddess and High Priestess of Cobbler but I'm the Queen (as you well know) and Champion of Those Who Make Cheater's Cobbler.

P.S. If your taste buds haven't been sent into ecstacy by HollyB's REAL cobbler, you're missing one of life's true gastronomic treats. Be nice to her and she may invite you over. :-p

JPG said...

it's all too easy to differ with pronouncements made on the various blogspots. And when one is a lower-grade gourmet in one's own right, one is highly tempted to take issue with ANYONE's unreserved statements about favorite dishes.

In this particular case, I hereby state without reservation that Miz Holly does know whereof she writes! Her cobbler recepe is about as basically true and flawless as any writing you can find, short of the Bill of Rights.

As to personal preference, my taste runs firmly toward blackberry and cherry cobblers, prepared JUST as holly has detailed. Oh, I can tolerate a peach cobbler, if made with fresh peaches - - tart, juicy, delectable -- and, if helped along by massive amounts of cinnamon, an apple cobbler, made with Granny Smith apples can be a thing of beauty. But, since it takes just as much effort to make an apple or peach cobbler as one of the more blessed types, why bother?

I've eaten many and many a fine cobbler in my time, and none have excelled those Holly does when she mounts the full-kitchen press!


Flo said...


Flo said...

The first comment is cuz Holly told me to and I figured if I ever want a taste of that cobbler, I better do as she says!

But oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely luscious. And that was TWO 9 x 13's--one for DB and one for me, right? Cherry will do just fine!

(Um, where's the recipe for the inside parts?)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hollyb's crust recipe, if you ask really, really nicely, she'll let you eat up the lattice strips that break after they come out of the oven. As JPG says, when she goes full court press it's indeed a thing of beauty. Makes your taste buds do the happy dance!

And, this is NOT a paid endorsement but cash is always welcome LOL!

cait said...

Phooey...the above anonymous was from me. *sigh*

HollyB said...

Like I didn;'t KNOW it was YOU! Duh, the only people I've fed the broken pieces to lately are the BGIT and you. And she doesn't even READ my blog, much less comment. She's too busy gettin edumacated and stealin'pucks from guys with her Pink hockey stick. I LOVE my XX offspring! She ROCKS!

G Bro said...

Cooking again! And I don't git to have enny of it! No it not the same as reading Playboy and not getting any of that either.

phlegmfatale said...

oooooh, cobbler. Heaven!