Thursday, August 17, 2006

Who Should Disarm Hezbollah?

Or, Why do I feel like I'm trapped in some Orwellian nightmare?

The Lebanese Foreign Minister has the unmitigated gall to announce to the world that it's Israel's responsibility to disarm Hezbollah. HUH?!?!? {Holly hits the side of her head with the heel of her hand, thereby increasing the magnitude of her headache by a factor of 3. Then she tugs on the shell of her good ear to make sure she heard that correctly.}

It's ISRAEL'S responsibility to disarm the terrorists operating inside the borders of a {supposedly} sovereign nation? The same nation that has been screaming for the last 5-6 weeks about the heinous Isralis violating their county's borders with, first their artillery and air strike and then their troops in an attempt to disarm Hezbollah, thereby ridding Lebanon of this metastatic cancer living within its body 'real'.

NOW that Isreal is withdrawing its troops in favor of the Lebanese army, the same army that was supposedly too weak to control Hezbollah in the first place, it suddenly Israel's responsibility to disarm Hezbollah. Class, can you say, "Wankers"? Can you say, "Wussies"? Can you say, "Plausible Deniability"?

I knew you could. You see, I don't claim to have "The Shine" of second sight, but I can read the subtext in the headlines. I've been listening to the news this week. I've been listening to CNN, and Fox, and MSNBC. I've heard the UN say they can't possibly have an effective "Peacekeeping Force" on the ground for at least 1 to 1.5 years.

What Peace will there be to keep in a year? Hell's Bells, what peace will there be to keep in 6 weeks if the Lebanese truly are as weak as everyone claims they are {I see your comment coming GBro} and Hezbollah gets resupplied by Iran and/or through Syria? So far, Israel is abiding by the terms of the cease-fire, but Children, a Cease-fire ain't a Peace. A cease-fire is a temporary halt in the firing of weapons.

When Hezbollah is restocked, which my pessimistic mind tells me it will be, they will start firing on Israeli soldiers and civilians again. Israelis, being sane people and of a mind to defend themselves, will return fire. This time I hope they tell every MotherLoving Lebanese politician that if they had done what they were supposed to do, i.e., control terrorists inside their own borders, this hellfire would not be raining down upon their land.

Don't sit there and tell me they can't do it!! Somehow, they managed to dislodge the Syrians from within their borders a while back. If they cannot get rid of Hezbollah, they either don't want to, or aren't asking the right folks for help!!!

Wouldn't it make more sense for the Lebanese, if they truly want the terrorists that make up Hezbollah out of their country gone, that they appeal to some of their moderate Arab neighbors, on the Q.T. if necessary, for arms and training for their troops. By fighting from Civilian areas that have not been evacuated, it is Hezbollah that endangers those civilians. It is Hezbollah who uses women and children as shields and fodder.

It is Isreal who gives advance warning to civilians, when possible, to evacuate, in order to minimize civilian casualties. When the Israelis shell a school or hospital it's a tragic mistake. When Hezbollah does the same thing, it is without warning, by design, and they celebrate their victory, they rejoice over the death of dead children. They are mad dogs and should be put down like the rabid, infectious animals they have proven themselves to be.


Cait said...

Thing is Hezbollah didn't have to "win" to "win." All it had to do is stay alive and kickin' and that's precisely happened. The UN is worthless (see the gazillion Resolutions re:Iraq)and should go the way of Deeno the Dino...saur. I come from the school of thought that promotes using high explosives to turn sand into black glass. But, hey, that's just me.

Color me sick of this whole damnthing.

Flo said...

Maybe Lebanon should have been asking Israel for help years ago, before the situation deteriorated to the extent it now has?