Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sorry for My Extended Absence

First the computer went belly-up for hours at a time. Then, when it would work, it would only work for about an hour. Since the Dearly Beloved and I share the computer, we usually only had time to check our respective e-mails, do a little online banking {I was finally reduced to going to the bank and using their computer to do bill pay, which pretty much defeats the purpose of computerized banking} and then it was 'puter paralysis time again.

Then I was stricken, and I do mean stricken, with some of the worst allergy afflictions in a long, long time. I've tried every PTC drug and a couple of prescription alllergy meds, steroids, and am about to take the last dose of antibiotics for a sinus infection the Dr. thinks I had, that I don't think I ever had.

Anyway, all this is to explain why I haven't written any blog since, I can't remember when.

I'll get to it when I feel better.


Flo said...

Feel better soon!

G Bro said...

You hang in there! I often find my allergies are worse after a stressful period.