Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thanks for the Inspiration, LawDog

My Buddy, LawDog, a wickedly funny fellow, inspired today's blog. You can check out his related blog at http://thelawdogfiles.blogspot.com It's entitled "You're gonna go Blind, dammit" Try not to spew on your screen, okay?

Now, I get so dang ticked off when I see boys of all ages sort of walking, and I say sort of walking because their stride is impeded by the waistband of their pants being about three miles south of their actual waistline.

I am told, and I can believe it, that this fashion trend started as a social/political statement in the world of Rap/HipHop Music. Quick tangential side trip: Rap Music: a modern oxymoron. Then it was adopted by the boys, who listen to that music.

Myownself, I'm not sure most Rap stars, I refuse to call them musicians, have the intellectual fortitude to formulate a strong political stance without the guidance of a mentor or manager or keeper. I heard that wearing their pants low enough that everyone around them was treated to a view of first, their butt cracks, and later their clashing boxer shorts, was a way of literally telling mainstream society to "Kiss My A$$".

I tend to believe that it falls more within the category of the phrase my maternal Grandmother was fond of using, "showing your a$$". That meant that you were showing what an a$$ you were/are.

I have seen, far too often, boys who must walk with one hand holding the waistband of their pants, that is almost at the end of their arm's length. They cannot walk properly, they cannot reach into their pocket for anything stored there without bending over and reaching for their shoe tops.

If you saw the news footage from the Casino shooting in Las Vegas, you noticed that the youths there couldn't not get away from the shooter in a speedy manner due to the impedence caused by their flippin pants!!! This fashion trend is gonna, if it hasn't already, get somebody killed for just this reason.

Am I the only one who has an almost irresistible urge to step up behind them and either give them a super wedgie or pull their pants AND boxers completely down? Please, tell me I'm not the only one who harbors these fantasies.

And by the way, I can't believe none of you commented on line jumpers! Harumph! I hope you all get cut off by several of those dastards the next time you're in a traffic jam! Wankers!



Flo said...

Heavens, no, you're not the only one that harbors the fantasies. Hubby has no problem commenting on it in a rather loud voice when he sees pant crotches dragging the floor.

I never thought of trying to get away from a shooter. An aunt said the area police loved the kids that wore their pants like that because it was never a problem catching them. Maybe seeing that shooting video will teach them they lose either way.

G Bro said...

Well, you're commenting on teen-early-20's "fashion" - what do you expect? We gave the world tie-dyed t-shirts and bell-bottoms with cuffs that wore out from dragging on the ground (okay, not all of you - some of you probably dressed in the most tasteful polyester ensembles). I say give equal time -let's hear about tattoos, overexposed tummies, and people with puncture wounds held open by random pieces of metal.

I've never seen those young men holding their pants up, although they do hold their penises a lot.

HollyB said...

gbro, go over to thelawdogfiles, also here on blogspot, and read "You're gonna go Blind, dammit" it's about the boys who hold their "Wedding tackle" you'll decorate your computer screen with coke if you're not caareful!