Saturday, June 24, 2006

Line Jumpers on I-35

Don't you just hate it when you're stuck in a monumental traffic tie up and some Yeawho comes zooming up at the last possible space and wants to merge into the line?

Well, I know I do.

I was about 3 miles north of West. [Those of you who regularly travel the I-35 corridor between DFW and Waco or points further South know where West is. It's that place you stop to get Kolaches.] So there I was traveling the speed limit, for a change, and traffic comes to a screeching crawl. And I do mean a <10 face="Arial" color="#990000">
And wouldn't you just know it? Some jerk, in a Lexus, comes tearing up on the left, trying to force his way in at the head of the line where the rest of us have been patiently merging from two lanes into one lane and are now exiting the highway and trying to merge with the uncooperative traffic on the access road. I could have wept with pride and joy when the two cars directly behind me executed the PERFECT blocking maneuver. It was as if they had planned their moves, I swear! One went far enough to my left to block Mr Stupid Lexus Guy, and the other went just far enought to the right to block him. It was a thing of beauty.

When I finally drew up next to the deputy, I asked him how long this tie up lasted. "Well,Ma'am, in about two exits further up the road, you'll be able to get back on the highway." He lied.

Two exits further up, the traffic on the highway was at a dead stop. People were getting out of their cars to see what was going on. Traffic was moving on the access road, Thank Goddess, but those poor folks on the highway, for two miles, were stuck.

There was an Ambo getting somebody out of a car and since I didn't want to slow things down by being a Looky Lou, that's all I can tell you. Right after that was an entrance ramp and I used it and got back on the highway. But for those of you who are used to that stretch of road, it took me a solid hour to get from mile marker 331 to 366.

Now, please, next time you see a line jumper, if the spirit moves you, just sort of casually drift over and block his/her progress. Think of it as teaching them the importance of patience. And courtesy to their fellow drivers.



G Bro said...

I got my fill of highway dynamics on our drive from Houston to Asheville. Best stretch was 250 miles of the Natchez Trace betweeen Starkville and Nashville. Two people passed me. I passed nobody. I don't remember one stoplight. Beautiful trees and animals.

Then I40 from Nashville to Asheville was filled with 18-wheelers. One tailgating offender had painted out the 800 hows-my driving-number. Tight lanes and tight curves. Not as much fun! I fugure death penalty for not using signals to change lanes would fix a lot of impolite behavior.

We pull out Saturday for points southwest again. Sure will miss Asheville!

Flo said...

We have an exit that backs up over a mile on good rush hour days. Polite people know to get in the proper lane two exits prior to the spot. Impolite people move along in the middle lane at 65 mph, past all the polite people, then barge in at the last minute--if they can wait that long. I don't know if there were a lot of accidents at that site or what, but there are now signs posted miles back saying "no crossing double line" which has now been painted for that particular exit. I don't travel the road often enough to know if it helped, but most of us tend to hug the bumper of the car in front and refuse to let the jerks in.

I have seen people use your idea in construction areas. I think most of us get a tad irritated with driver's that either don't pay attention to the signs, or think their time is more important than ours.