Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Time to Stop Pandering

to the Press and the critics of our Foreign policy. And I don't care if those critics are our citizens or residents of other nations. When was the last time another nation contributed to our budget? Unless they, as a country, are willing to put up, they can shut up!

I know that some of y'all read The Law Dog Files. If you read "Whoopsie" and my comment on same, you may want to skip this particular blog, because I'm about to repeat myself. BUT, I'm also going to expand a bit, if you want to keep reading.

In a nut shell, LawDog was relating how the Russians, in reaction to having two of their diplomats beheaded, had instructed their specfor to find and execute the parties responsible for this atrocity.
Not "find and arrest", not "arrest and bring to trial". but to find and execute those responsible.
And they can do this because, as LawDog said, and I heartily agree, the Russians just don't give a flip what the rest of the world thinks about how they handle this situation. A wrong, a grievious wrong has been committed and they are going to avenge it.

I think it's high time we start doing the same thing. As soon as these raving lunatics start paying in blood for the blood they spill they will, eventually, think twice before planting that next IED, or beheading the next captive. And when we have taken out enough of their leaders, the next in line to lead is gonna say, "thanks, but ah, no thanks, guys, I got a better offer." And he's going to take a fast moving camel to the closest American base and spill his guts, assuming he can get away from his "Brothers".
At least that's my fantasy.


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G Bro said...

I'm not clear what this is about. Is it the executions of Tom Tucker and Kristian Menchaca? Are the "liberal media" saying that their killers should be caught and tried? Are other nations saying the same? Assuming it is...

Tucker and Menchaca were mutilated. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for their deaths. I have no problem with the execution of their killers. But PR contributes to the outcome of wars. The executions will have consequences, both good and bad.

I do not think there is an overarching moral high ground here. We invaded a nation run by a heinous dictator who was stongly encouraged by the US during/after the Iran Hostage Affair. We were surprised that we were not met with flowers and kisses. Some of the resistance are loyalists to the dictatorship. Some are Al Qaeda. Others are probably just pissed off that we invaded their country. It is OUR choice to spend the lives of loyal, moral, patriotic Americans fighting this war. Literally, it is NOT Saddam Hussein's fault that 2535 Americans are dead.