Friday, June 30, 2006

Oy, My Gatos!

You ain't gonna believe THIS!
I hardly believe it, and I went to the website!
My Baby Sister {of the Heart} was telling me about this "religious" group called God Hates Fags.
They are based at a Baptist church in Topeka. I was so disgusted after reading some of their vitriolic, mindless, heartless, hatred I had to leave the website without reading everything.
They got their start protesting at the funerals of people, mostly gay men, who had died from the complications of HIV infections. They were at the funeral of that student killed in Wyoming, Matthew Shephard, spewing their hatefulness.

Now they are posting the most vile statement imaginable on their website. They posit that IEDs are God's weapon against an America full of "Fags" and they "Thank God for the Death of Pvts. Turner and Menchaca."
I don't know, and didn't care to hang aroiund their website long enough to find out if they protested at Menchaca's funeral. But My Baby Sis says they are expected in Oregon tomorrow for that funeral.
Since the legislation Bush signed Memorial Day has not yet gone into effect, the state has to allow the space to protest.

The legislation, of which I was not aware, makes it illegal to protest at military funerals. These hatemongers have sued at least four states that passed similar legislation and won over $700,000 in legal fees and had the laws striken as unconstitutional because it violated their 1st amendment right to Free Speech.

Whoo Boy, do I have a dilemma,now! I treasure the Bill of Rights. I truly do. And I know that if we begin to deny the rights of one group, no matter how odious we may find them or their cause, it diminishes the rights of all of us.
But Jesus H. Christus on a Flaming Pogo Stick with all twelve Apostles swinging Hula Hoops can't we draw a line somewhere?

These ... creatures are celebrating the death of our soldiers in a FREAKING WAR ZONE as an ACT of the ALMIGHTY GOD!!! I don't know about y'all but that sounds like treason to me.

I pray nightly that no more soldiers will die, on either side. But if a soldier from my town dies, and if these ... creatures [ I cannot dignify their waste of skin and plasma by calling them people] dare to come to MY town and magnify the grief of one of MY neighbors... well, start saving your pennies gentle readers, cause somebody's gonna have to go my bail.

I have known many kind, gentle, truly religious folks of the Baptist persuasion. This sect in Topeka ain't among them. I don't know enough about Baptist doctrine to know if they excommunicate members, but if they do, I'd lay even odds this church has been invited to leave the fold.


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G Bro said...

No, it is not treason. It is horrible behavior that is protected by free speech and probably by freedom of "religion." However, I got an amazing visual that will not go away of an act on Ed Sullivan with flaming pogo sticks and hula hoops. And it's your fault! ;-)