Monday, July 03, 2006

Last Kid on the Block

Well, thanks to my Sistah of the Heart Cait and her Beloved Jim, I find that I am the last kid on the block to learn of the existence of the odious hatemongers from Topeka.
Being so much better informed than I, they made me aware of more info on these horrid creatures. And of a bright and shining force to counter their malicious assault on the families of fallen warriors.

These hate-spewing, grief-magnifying, contemptible Cartel of Lucifer's own lying Lawyers finance their junkets to the funerals of our patriotic soldiers with the proceeds lawsuits they file against government entities and individuals that try to block their protests.

Since their organization is primarily made up of attorneys [ litigators rank only slightly above child molestors on my personal list of slime] they can file lawsuits from now 'til Kingdom come and pay just filing fees. If they win, they can of couse ask for attorneys' fees for services their members have voluntarily given to the organization. What a freakin scam !!!

And should they goad a mourner into physically assaulting them at a funeral or memorial service, they then file civil as well as criminal charges and thus generate MORE revenue to finance MORE trips to MORE funerals to disrupt MORE families in their grieving processes.

Enter my new favorite heroes!!! The Patriot Riders. I haven't done any research on them, so I don't know if they are all Veterans or a mix of Vets and right/correct thinking Americans. They show up at memorial services at National cemeteries on traditional Veteran related holidays, such as Memorial Day and Veteran's Day and so forth. They have also adopted the families and soldiers who are under attack by the Westboro Baptists. When the hatemongers start spewing their filth, the Patriot Riders start revving the engines of the motorcycles.

Have you ever hear a Harley or a 1500cc Gold Wing engine at full throttle? If you haven't , trust me, a herd of 'em WILL drown out a bunch of proselytizing, deliberately benighted Baptists. OORAH!!!

So, now gentle readers, you know what I know. I hope that my woefully inadequate skills have ignited at least a tiny fire of indignation in your breast at the injustice of the actions of these Anti-Baptists.

Oh, I almost forgot. One of my friends said she hadn't been leaving comments b/c she didn't want to take the time to 'register' or sign in.
You can check the circle for 'anonymous ,but leave your name, or not in the block of your comments. Just leave a comment, so I'll know you've been here, PLEASE.



G Bro said...

You are not the last to know. I never heard of them before (and wish I never had).

I can't believe these people pretend to be religious. And to claim that they are justified to protest at military funerals is insane. Clearly, it is a venue of opportunity - they would go wherever they get the most attention.

I like the Harley idea. I wonder how many would show up to roar if they were spewing anti-gay hatred at the opening of every new Walmart? Don't ask, don't tell.

Flo said...

I was here.