Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reviews - Movies and Other Items of Interest

Well, I had a lovely evening with my younger Stepson. Talked him into going to see The Breakup. It was a fun little movie. I cried and laughed.
I also saw The DaVinci Code when it opened. Personally, I can't see what all those folks have their vickies in a twist about. It's fiction. The movie isn't that good. I'd give all the main stars' performances a "C" EXCEPT for Ian McKellen. His turn as Sir Leigh Teabing was outstanding. In fact, he was better as Teabing than he was as Gandolf, but then I'm not much of a LotR fan.
Now, for a different kind of review. Show of hands, how many of you wear Crocs? If you haven't tried a pair, please just take 'em on a test drive. After all those years of wearing Joan Crawford "Come Take Me Quick Pumps" , my poor feet need comfort now.
And it's Crocs to the rescue. My first pair was the Nile style in Red. I got them through the Crocs web site. When the Dearly Beloved asked what I'd like for my birthday, and he laughed long and heartily at my suggestion of an Emerald and Amethyst bracelet, I replied that another pair or two of crocs would be nice.
We hied ourselves down to Cabela's this afternoon and I picked out a pair of Cayman's in Emerald Green, and a pair of Athens in Pearl with a Turquoise insole. I almost went with the Lime/Fuschia combo, but they looked too much like a slice of watermelon. All you'd need is a black Sharpie to draw little seed to make them more realistic. I'm SERIOUS. Check it out on if you don't believe me.

I may be too busy the next few days to post. I've got some stitchin' and some Flips to get done before Monday and Saturday respectively. But I'll do my best to give y'all one more dose of entertaining thoughts before I leave on another trip.



Flo said...

Ok. I'm awake now and I get it. You have to flip the page to the next month. I think the coffee I've been putting in my Baileys is starting to affect me. So I have some catching up to do.

You've made some very interesting points, Holly. I'll vote for you and your bro to take over the world. Then the two of you can make a law that says meth moms have to be sterilized if they return to drugs after one child.

So Anonymous doesn't have to rant again (like I NEVER rant!), how about we create an AAATAD (acronym and abbreviation thesauras and dictionary)? I have just been waiting for an opportunity to say that ABGs should be required of everyone in RCIA unless they RON by way of NDB to take AP classes.

If you have medical (Arterial Blood Gas), Catholic (Rite of Christian Initiation), military (Remain Over Night), aviation (Non-Directional Beacon), and children in high school (Advanced Placement) experience, don't tell Holly or she'll say you have MPD, too!

As for the DaVinci Code, the media or someone seems to be making a bigger deal about the Catholics having a fit about the book/movie than the Catholics do. Hooray for Ron Howard refusing to add a disclaimer that the movie is based on fiction. Hello--it's usually the other way around. It is generally noted if it is based on a true story. And I like Tom Hanks, but since Holly didn't give the movie a rave review, I think I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.

There, I think I've covered most of what I found interesting from the last few days. And no, I've never tried crocs and are they causing a fuss among animal lovers?

G Bro said...

I liked the Da Vinci Code. It's fiction, but it's more plausible than the Oswald-one bullet theory.

Passion of the Christ - 29th highest grossing film of all time, with 60% of it's revenue being domestic.
Da Vinci - 32nd (so far) highest grossing film, with only 30% domestic revenue.

Odd contrast, or maybe logical.

Cait said...

Read the book - better than the movie. The concept of Christ having a family makes Him more accessible. He was 33 (according to the Gospels) when He died. What we were taught in Sunday School never hinted about "the Son of Man" aspect of His life. The insinuation that He had a wife- and a sex life - makes me feel closer to Him.

What I'm wondering about is why this movie makes the Catholic church so uncomfortable? What part of "Son of God" and "Son of Man" don't they understand? Just curious! Not pinging the Catholics cuz the Church in which I was raised taught the same dogma.

Loved the ending...protecting the lineage. Oh yeah...