Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Think I'm Smoking Too Much

because I got a birthday card from Marlboro!
And if you didn't read yesterday's Blog, I also got two new pairs of Crocs.
And my Birthday's not even 'til Friday!!!

But the present I'm most jazzed about is my MP3 player. I am havin so much fun with it it ought to be illegal. I am a jammin', dancin', singin' fool.
I've got every thing on it from Toby Keith to Everlast to Pachebel's Canon in D Major. My offspring gave me the toy. And my XX ofspring gave up a major portion of her Sunday to download the software and teach her cyberlexic Mother how to load the CDs into the Library and then from there onto the Walkman. No seriously, it's a Sony Walkman.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I was bitchin a while back about "Made in China", but this was made in Japan and I bought it before I got p.o.ed ANd besides it was a GREAT deal and I was saving my kids money. So there.

And it's a metallic orchid, with a mirror finish, so I can use it to put on mascara or lipstick. It's just the BOMB!



Flo said...

I did check out the croc website and I actually have seen those offered in some of my nursing catalogs. I also see what you mean about the watermelon.

I'm glad you enjoy your mp3 player. You may have to keep an eye on it around my XY, although the metallic orchid may throw him off.

Happy happy birthday!!! Take the day off and enjoy a three day weekend!

G Bro said...

Happy Birthday! Now you're 17 for the 3rd time! Speaking of being 17, here's a webpage for you:

Ann belongs to the religion of Croc. I have yet to meet an unbeliever.