Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm Goin' to Kansas City,

Kansas City, here I come! I LOVE sayin' that! I'm not sure if the song refers to KS or MO but I'm headed to MO @ 8:25 in the AM from Love Field. I have 35 minute to transfer planes in Tulsa, but everybody tells me it's not that big an airport, so it shouldn't be a big deal. And I get to KC at 11 I think. My boarding pass doesn't say and my itinerary {sp?} is in the bedroom and I'm too lazy to get up and go look.
SO I'll be too busy having fun and drinkin' frozen 'ritas with my Sister Floozie to write any blogs for the next few daze, er, ah, days.

But before I go, I need a show of hands. How many of you women who are supposed to be my friends, who are supposed to have my back knew about Bare Escentuals Make Up Mineral Powders? And why in blue blazes haven't you bothered to tell me?
Doris was raving about this newe makeup she'd found and so on the 2nd when we were out looking at patterns and fabric she was wearin' some and her complexion was incredibly gorgeous.

So I signed on to eBay and ordered myownself a sample set.
And now I look about 5 years younger when I wear it. I'm tellin y'all, this stuff is amazing. It takes a little practice to apply, but you can hardly tell you're wearing it. And your pores disappear! I'm serious as a Judge. No circles or shadows under the eyes. It's darn near a miracle.
Git Some!



Allen said...

Good luck, Holly. My wife and I are in the middle of a move from Texas to Tennessee. Exciting days!

Good luck on your move / travels

So much little time.

G Bro said...

Bare Escentuals Make Up Mineral Powders? I never leave home without them! I get the ones that match ny pink chiffon dress.

Frozen margaritas and Kansas City. There's two things that always got together. (?!) Do either of you know people there, or are you just making a Girls Gone Wild video?

Doris said...

Have a few 'ritas for me!

discovered a drink called mojito while celebrating the mavs/miami playoffs. A cuban drink: lime, mint and rum. Yum yum. I'm enjoying w/o the rum even. nice flavor to me. Nun of my boys like them though!

Cait said...

Okay fine...this is from Holly's FAVORITE sister (cuz I love her more than Flo and Az) You B*****s. Az and I are plotting our next get together so, so, so...

Note to Allen - Bless your heart and hope you have an easy transition going from TEXAS to TN and hope you have as stress free a move as possible. After all TEXAS is The Center of the Universe as We Know It and any move, away from The Republic, is STRESS waiting to happen. I'm a Texan-in-Exile currently living in Arkansas and, after 1.5 years away, I'm still feeling like I'm being punished! My beloved is military so we go where we go.(Little Rock beats Baghdad hands down - been there, done that!)

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army! As the Cassions go rolling along...

Cait - flying the Flag!