Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Baaaack

Yes, Boys and Grrrls, I'm Home!
I got a very warm hug and a big grin from the Dearly Beloved at Love Field. Then when we got home, there was a veritable frenzy of tail wagging from my Sweet Boo Girl. She even rolled over and let me scratch her belly! Very rare behavior for her. That nasty Ben acted like I'd been gone about 4 minutes instead of 4 days. Harumph! Just like a guy!

I had such a delightful time with the Floozie! My cheeks are still sore from all the laughin'! She has FIREFLIES! Real, honest-to-goodness, blinkin' in the dark fireflies. They were charming. And it was so cool after dark, we huddled around the tiki torch to avoid the skeeters and to stay warm while we drank frozen 'ritas and watched the fireflies and talked and laughed.
And I took, well, Floozie drove, but I looked up the shop on the 'puter. And we went to a Bath Junkie in Independence. She now loves it as much as I do.
She also now knows about the "as is" rack at Bed,Bath, and Beyond." You can thank me later, Mike.
I also discovered that in MO you can buy booze in the grocery store. What a mind blower THAT was! Texas is my home, and I love it with all my heart, but we gotta make a few changes, and that is one.
Floozie and Mike are also building a mansion next door to the hovel they are currently residing in. Their hovel has 3 br, a computer room and big open area upstairs, and a kitchen, living area, 2 car garage, utility area downstairs. I don't know how they muddle through.
The mansion, on the other hand, will be 2/3 earth sheltered on the ground floor, have tons of windows on both floors, two offices, I lost count of the bedrooms and fireplaces/wood-burning stoves. The great room looks to be bigger than my whole house! I can't wait to drag the Dearly Beloved up there for a visit.
I was full of ideas for landscaping. Gave her a couple of web addresses for ideas and will send her some more.
Anyway. I wish all of you had a friend as wonderful and as gracious and welcoming as my Quad Flo. She's a gem.



Flo said...

I forgot to tell you that up here in Mizz-ur-ah we call them lightning bugs. It always brings back fond memories when they show up every year and I'm happy the simpler pleasures were highlights of your trip.

Thank HEAVENS you didn't mention the little shopping spree on Ebay!

Doris said...

oh, did some one else find good things on ebay?

more bare escentuals? or something else fun!

Flo said...

Jewelry, Doris. And thanks, Ebay's your fault too, isn't it? Your bad influence is spreading across the nation. :)