Friday, June 16, 2006

Remember Disney's Alladin?

I do. Had to sit through it, I don't remember how many times with the XX offspring. Then I had to listen to her rather charming synopsis of same.

Now, when I hear the name Abu, I think about the monkey from the movie. And since Al Quaeda's new man in Iraq is Abu Al Muha Jeer I'm thinking Monkey Boy. Or Jeer Jerk. Or, as some other pundit says the Special Forces have nicknamed him, "Next".

Truthfully, though, I think he should go back and read one of LBJ's old speeches. The one from '72 where he said something along the lines of, "...if nominated I shall not run. If elected I will not serve." Lot of wisdom to be gleened there, Monkey Boy. Ponder on it, it'll come to ya'.

And, while I'm talking about things "furin'", let me touch on that Marine bein' vilified by the media and Marine command. Josh Belile wrote "Hadija Girl" back in Sept. '05. Before the allegations of Marine atrocities were made, and let's not forget those allegations have not been proven.
Josh AND his wife are dedicated Marines. She was in Iraq before he was. While he was in country, she was home, alone, pregnant with their first child. She was delivered of a healthy baby girl, before Josh got home.

When he wrote the song, satiric in nature and based on a movie popular in the summer of '04, it was for a series of performances he had organized. The performers were Marine musicians, the audiences were their fellow Marines. It was a flippin morale builder and none of the in- theater commanders said diddly squat about it at the time. So WHY, three months later, AFTER he's rotated home, is he suddenly being singled out for punishment? The Corps has advised this Gyrene to get a Lawyer!
I'm going to contact my Congress critters, maybe it will do some good, can't hurt to try. I urge you to do the same.


Flo said...

When and why did we become so Politically Correct that we have to censor so much that comes out of our mouths, no matter when and where? A young man was trying to bring some humor to others living in a tense and hostile environment. It was posted on the internet without his knowledge. Who saw it and found it so offensive that a young man willingly serving his country now has to find legal counsel and worry about his career?

THOSE are the people, in addition to the officers that are looking to punish this Marine, that should also be ashamed of themselves. If you can't take the heat, get out of the fire. And if you're not in the line of fire, shut the heck up, you have no idea what you're talking, or complaining, about.

It must have been a terribly slow day in the news for something like this to have been blown so totally out of proportion. More and more I am coming to see how the public can be so stupid and make some of the comments they do about the war. The media is obviously against it and will report anything and everything in the worst light possible.

To nip things like this in the bud, find the humorless soul that squealed, and sit his/her sorry a$$ in the middle of Baghdad--with a guitar!

Doris said...

My boy-in-law Josh is only going to get a nonwritten slap on the hands for his performance of Hadji Girl from his Corps....... oohrah. He shouldn't even have to deal with that, imho.

But thanks to idiots with no sense of humor or tolerance for free speech, he and family may may have to move and their phone is disconnected. There has been threats and hate crap..... but much more grassroots support than he ever expected.

knowing him, there will be a new song in the works when he perks back up from being kicked in the face by the Pentagon and media!

The Sweater Kittens (Cpl Belile's) group played today at a live festival in NC and were well supported!

G Bro said...

I support the troops. I do not support the war.

We have had 2500 American deaths since the war began. 2364 died since the President had his "Mission Accomplished" photo op. 2036 died since Saddam was captured. We have basically two things to show for it: Saddam's trial and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is in his al-zarqophagus. 15,000 Iraqi civilians are dead from the conflict, another 85,000 from conditions caused by the war [British journal Lancet].

I just watched the video of Hadji Girl for the 1st time - IMO it's not really for public consumption, it's an inside joke. Too bad it didn't stay inside. For better or worse, freedom of speech does not protect your job - but it should keep you out of jail.

I get a sense of innate, unstated agreement among you about the correctness of this war. I would understand better if I knew your thoughts about why we are in Iraq in the 1st place. IMO: WMD? No. Saddam evil? Yes. Al Qaeda stronghold? No. I offer 2 cynical reasons for the war: (i) Tired of fighting ghosts in Afghanistan, we wanted somebody to stand still while we kicked their butts; (ii) there's oil in them there hills.

HollyB said...

Actually GBro, I'm NOT for the war.
I feel about it the same way I did Nam. I'm tired of seein' our fine young men and women spillin' their blood on foreign soil and sand for a dubious cause.
Having spoken with Iraqi Muslims who have immigrated here many years ago, I know that the majority of naturalized American-Iraqis appreciate the efforts we are expending to improve the conditions in their homeland.
I say dubious because I don't think the Iraqis who still live there are doing enough to rid their own country of the insurgents from within and without their borders.
I realise the desert culture teaches that any one who asks for food,shelter, water must be accomodated if they purport to be a "faithful" Muslim. However, when these supposedly faithful Muslims use the homes of otherwise peaceable Iraqis as a way station on their journey to Jihad, they need to seriously rethink their customs.
The radical Imams and the terrorists are thriving on these old customs and exploiting them for their own twisted purposes.

As for the oil..., we've paid for it in blood. I think we should get a big frickin discount, Let them pay for OUR war efforts in oil.

Doris said...

I am not for the war. hated every premise of it and believe it is simply to suck up somz oil supply.

I was very disheartened when Mali and Josh up and joined the Marines!Why the hell!?!?

But we love'em & so we support them...... that is the only thing I support about anything to do with this war.

I am still a peacenik old hippie chick at heart. Tolerance and love.

I don't get too political about it as that kind of stuff turns me mentally and emotionally off. Sorry to my activist and thinking friends I dearly love...... I do enjoy reading ya'll's impressions but no deeper than that.

PS: please note it wasn't my son who volunteered for that shit! I did not raise him to even consider that action!

Love & peace to you all!

G Bro said...

Thanks for that. It must be very difficult with loved ones and friends in the line of fire. The closest relative in my family currently serving is actually my niece's brother-in-law. Two of my sisters' husbands served, but not in recent times (Jimmy was in two wars and retired in '62 with his 20 - cited lack of discipline in the Navy as why he didn't stay longer!) Like you say, love and support them and pray they come home okay.

"Activist and thinking friends" - not sure if I'm in either of those castegories anymore. ;-)