Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Love Livin' in a Small Town

I truly do. I was raised in a small town, John Mellenkamp and me. And then we moved to Houston, well Aldine. And that was like a small town.

The good thing about living in Houston all those years was learning to drive there. Trust me, learning to drive in Houston in the early '70's, during the simultaneous Arab oil embargo and Yankee influx, prepared me to drive anywhere.
And we STILL don't give a good rat's a$$ how you did it up North of the Mason-Dixon line, Thank Ya' Very Much!

I don't subscribe to the local paper, but I buy one now and then. Yesterday was one of those thens.
There were 4 stories on the front page. One was about the death of a local lawyer/former mayor/war hero. One was about a local high school student getting a bone marrow transplant after $15,000 was netted from fundraisers and his family finally won a long fight with the health insurance company.
A third story concerned a citizens efforts to revised the City Council's agendas in order to make the city's spending easier to access.
The fourth story dealt with the feud between Southwest Airlines/American Airlines/ DFW Airport that's been ongoing since the wrong-headed Wright Amendment passed way back when DFW opened for business.

IMHO if DFW and American can't make a go of it by now and fend off competition from Southwest and Love Field they deserve to go bankrupt.
I flew SW on my trip to KC b/c the fares were so cheap. And I will fly them again, b/c they are the cheapest thing in the air. Get a clue American. Get competitive or get out of the game. It's a basic tenet of Economics.



G Bro said...

Don't you refer to the paper as the "Wretched Crinkle"? ;-)

The Wright Amendment.Protectionism for the rich. I just found a wonderful webiste proclaiming that they aren't trying to hurt SWA, just Love Field. What a load.

HollyB said...

I never cease to be amazed at your memory, GBro. Yes,indeed. I do refer to the Record Chronicle by the sobriquet of the "Wretched Crinkle".
But then the big city papers do not escape my rapier wit, either. I often referto the Dallas Morning "Snooze" and the Fort Worth "Startle Gram"


G Bro said...

I remeber those glory days - swarms of black license plates on the southbound side of 45 and 59 pouring in to Houston because Detroit couldn't make a decent high-mileage car! Then the oil prices crashed and they all went home. But if that was your toughest driving adventure, try a small-engine stick shift starting uphill from a dead stop in San Francisco. Pop it too fast, kill it and roll backward. Release it too slow, roll backward before it engages. Or the ever popular emergency brake take off.