Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ipso Est Demonstratum

Have you heard the latest Psych Dx {diagnosis}? It's called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or I.E.D. for short.
The researchers who have named this disorder claim it is a neurochemical imbalance found primarily in adolescents, or starting in adolescence, that causes behavior such as road rage and uncontrollabe outbursts of anger.
Would you care to hazard a guess as to my opinion of this new theory ? That's right, class! It's a giant load of horse hockey chips! Big stinky chips not even suitable for fertilizer!
This is another example of the creeping disease of social and individual irresponsibility. "It's not MY fault." My Mommy didn't love me enough, the right way, my Daddy beat me, my sibs made fun of me.
Grow up! Or as Denis Leary says, "Shut the F%^( UP" Or let me put it another way, "Pull your Big Girl [or Boy] Panties up and Deal"
It's time for us, as a culture to stop letting individuals use these lame a$$ excuses as a free pass for their bad behavior.
NOBODY got all the nurturing they needed as a child. NOBODY. NOBODY is completely, 100% A-OK functional in every aspect of their life. BUT most of us DEAL. Most of us overcome whatever is/was wrong/dysfunctional and get on with our lives. We go to work, we build friendships, we build relationships, sometimes serially, sometimes longterm, sometimes we raise kids.
Sometimes we get lucky and in spite of our mistakes, those kids turn out to be productive members of society.
Whatever was done to us as kids, MOST of us do not turn around and repeat that abuse and or neglect. So tell me, why in the name of all that is right and Just and fair should those who DO repeat the abuse and neglect get a pass?

And something else bugs me about this new Dx. I took two years of Latin in High School. I resent the blazing fires of Hades out of the realm of Acedemia co-opting I.E.D. as the shorthand version of their new psychobabble pseudodisease!



Anonymous said...


IED = Intermittent Explosive Disorder? No, not really.

IED = Ipso est demonstratum? Well, okay, I guess. The original and all that, but few readers, and even writers, even know the origin of that abhbreviation.

But I think it ludicrous that someone tries to misuse this made-up abbreviation (NOT acronym! An acronym is a pronouncible word made up from an abbreviation: RADAR, SCUBA, SWAT, etc. But that's another rant . . . ) Anyhow, the CURRENT use of IED means Improvised Explosive Device - - The infernal machines which kill and maim so many every week in Iraq - - Both our fine young men and women AND indigenous Iraqis.

Tell the parents and others that their loved ones were blown up by something to be confused with the actions of some anti-social misfit. No. 'Twon't work. IED either means a cowardly, sneaky weapon, used by those who just DON'T CARE who they hurt, or it is an old-but-seldom-used Latin abbreviation.

G Bro said...

I, for one, buy it. I think that environment affects our neuro-biochemistry in a long-lasting, maybe even permanent way. (In other ways, it's called learning. This is learned brain chemistry.) If you buy this, the fact that their parents tolerate their outbursts well past the two-year old stage is programming them to be total a$$holes for a long time. That, and the fact that their attention span has been totally obliterated by the electronic devices that surround them. Or that they've been eating Ritalin for years. Or all of these. But your right, those are excuses, and it doesn't make it right. in my court.

Holly, that's what you need! A TV show where you're the judge.
"Judge Holly, the Hanging Judge. Today at 4 on the WB"

HollyB said...

Oh Yeah, Judge Holly! My rating would shoot thru the ROOF! Judge Judy can bite my sweet A$$ while I mop the floor with her sorry self. And Judge Mathis will be begging for my crumbs. I won't be wearing any raggedy ole Cowboy hat. {Don't get me wrong, they have a place, just not on the bench.} I'll be wearing a different hat, to match my robes every day. And it will be stipulated in my contract that the network pays for the hats and I get to keep them. So There, Judy, Keep your silly lace collars.

Cait said...

As A-nony-mous so clearly stated IED = Improvised Explosive Device. Pi$$e$ me off when psychobabbalists attempt to slough off PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY by making up a NEW disorder thereby making it okay to misbehave. Grrrrrr.