Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Computer ate my Blog

Dangit all to blazes!!! I had a full head of steam and had typed up a long one. And the computer ate it. ARGHHHHHHHH!
Anyway, here's the condensed version of what happened at the nail salon this AM.
My nail look fabulous, in case you're wondering.
The woman next to me was there with her three kids. two girls ages about 3 and 6 and a boy about 8. She is gettting her nail done and the girls are getting their nails painted.
My conclusions, based on her appearance and behavior, were that she's a meth addict who sells her "wares" to support her habit. The person she referred to as her "boyfriend", was in actuality her pimp.
Here's the part that got the the steam built up in a hurry. Her son had a raging sinus infection evidenced by the trail of green snot snaking its way from his left nostril to his upper lip.
Even a brain damaged wallaby could tell somethin' was terribly wrong with that little boy. I was so incredibly irate I didn't trust myself to ask if he was on any medicine for the infection.
What was that halfwit doing gettin'her nails done instead of takin' that boy to a Doctor?!?!?
And yes, I thought about calling CPS. But I'm a realist. They wouldn't have done diddlysquat since he wasn't in a life threatening situation.
What was I gonna do? Say, "Yeah, but look at her, she's got rotten teeth and bad skin, just like every meth addict I ever worked with. She's gettin her nails done instead of seein to her boy's health. She's too whacked out on drugs or terminally stupid. Either way, that boy is being neglected. Do something!"
Get real. They'd have looked at me like I was crazy.


Dosie said...

we had a 2 month old today in Ed brought by CPS

seems a hair sample taken 2 weeks ago tested positive for meth.

they picked her up today and brought her straight to ER cuz she "did not
act right."

of course not! all that was in the bottle we gave her was formula! duh!

by the way CPS did not have diapers or formula for her with them......

oh, is my disillusioned side showing?

G Bro said...

I think those moms are part of that herd you're talking about thinnin' out. Or is it the CPS worker?