Saturday, June 03, 2006

Awww, I've been neglecting y'all...

Well, dangit! I had things to do! 'm talkin' IMPORTANT things!
DossieRe and I had to go shoppin' for one thing. And I had to wash my hair, and get electrolysis, and do my nails! SO THERE!
And, I had to search all over mySpace to find my chirrens' pages. They thought they could hide, but they forgot about "MamaRadar", HAH.

And DossieRe is an Evil influence. First she gets me hooked on doing flip-flops. Then Friday, she drug me, kickin' and screamin' and cussin' a blue streak all the way to Lewisville to some darn fool Quilt store to look at FABRIC. I had no more taken 3 steps in the door, and I saw about $500 worth of stuff I wanted to buy. One of the employees heard my "oohs and ahhs" and asked if it was my first visit. I just looked at her over the top of my specs and said "DUH."
I wound up restraing myself admirably and only bought enough Mermaid fabric for a swirly skirt. Earlier, I had bought material for a CCW {Concealed Carry of a Weapon}vest.
And, While I'm raggin' on Miss DossieRe, she's also gotten me hooked on eBay. That stuff is addictive! Beware.

Has anybody but me heard of Red Friday?
On Fridays you wear Red to show you support for our Troops, wherever they are serving. It's sort of like Spirit Friday when we were in High School, remember? We'd wear our school colors to show our school spirit. Well, this is the same sort of effort. Whether you agree with our military policies or not, the troops don't set policy. They do however deserve all the support we can give them. They work long, hard hours, for a fraction of what they could make in civilian life. Let's show them some appreciation.
Next Tangent: I heard the most asinine, tax-payayer money wasting proposition question the other day in a survey on Fox news. I know they did it to inflame their viewers and boost ratings. The question was: "Should illegal aliens be allowed space in public housing?" DUH! Big Red Truck is about to run over your dumb a$$! 'Nuff said?
Saw Anderson Cooper's pic on a magazine cover the other day, I'm just shallow enough to start watchin' his news show b/c he's so darn purty.
Seems like there was something else I wanted to rant about, but it escapes me now.



G Bro said...

That's better - all over the place, like a Crown Victoria with loose power steering!

Clue me in - what is "Doin' flip flops?" Is that like a two-sided shot glass? Or is that some John Kerry aerobics?

Red is just about the worst color in the world - but I'll give it some thought.

Don't get started on newscasters looks. Anybody but me get the creeps when they see Greta van Sustern (even after her nip-tuck)?

G Bro said...

By the way, _I_ was able to find yours and DMR's children on myspace. No radar, just years of search engines. I like the brown recluse spider icon. And Shiloh's car fetish. It's a big e-world out there.

HollyB said...

"Doin' Flip-Flops " is taking a pair of flip-flops and either crocheting {DossieRe's method} or wrapping {my method, since I don't crochet} eyelash yarn around the struts so you get embellished sandals. They're real popular w/ gals right now.

And I gotta agree on Greta's looks. I didn't know she'd had a lift, I just thought she had some sort of mild paralysis in her facial muscles.

That spider is pretty cool isn't it, esp since he hates spiders!

And the XX offspring seems to have inheirited my love of hat as evidenced in her pic. I asked her why she doesn't post more often. Her rather droll reply was that she has a life.

dosie ree said...