Saturday, May 06, 2006

Vacation and Road Trip Music

Eat your Hearts out! I had the extreme pleasure last night of hearing Mr. Max Stalling play at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton. He did all his old standards of "I-35" {better known as Comfort in the Curves}; "Dimebox, Texas"; "Runnin Buddy"; "Bass Run"; "Tadpoles & Eagles"; "Fermented Evenings"; "Pila Song"; "Ain't Fallin' in Love" and "6x9 Speakers". And he did some new songs coming out on a studio CD soon. Thiss guy is a true Tx boy, an A&M grad. Crystal City native, writes a good song, does some acoustic numbers but more boot scootin music w/ his band, which includes a stand-up bass instead of a sucky electric bass.
Check out his web site : and go see him when he's in your area. Or buy a CD, I promise you won't be disappointed in SellOut.
OK, now that I've given Max a plug, how about we get on with today's real business?
But first I must digress...
Dangit! I was so tempted to get up a tell the folks around me to take their conversations outfrickinside. As loud as the music was, they were talking so loud to be heard over it... ARGHHHHHH.

Anyway, I'm draggin the Dearly Beloved off this afternoon for a week on Galveston Island. He's been wanting to go for a while, so I arranged the trip for an early b'day trip. As many years as I lived in Houston, and went to Galveston regularly, I always went to the beach and never really went into town and did the touristy thing. This time I want to go to Moody Gardens, and the Strand, and inside Bishop's Palace and all that stuff.

And that brings me to the second half of today's title. ROAD TRIP MUSIC
Don't you think a trip goes faster if you've got good music playing? I try to rotate the CDs so we don't get burned out listening to the same ones all the time. This trip it'll be Max, Tim Henderson, Warren Zevon, Bruce Hornsby, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Maclachan, a Celtic Women compilation with NO Enya, George Strait, Charlie Robison, and yet to be determined.

So, I guess this is all for a week. Y'all try to get by without my hystrionics for a week, and I'll make up for it when I return, I promise!.


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G Bro said...

Zevon and Natalie MERCHANT! Pass the Premarin - too many mood swings for me!

- Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner