Thursday, May 04, 2006

What to Expect

Hello Gentle Readers:

Thought I'd compose in purple since it's my favorite color. Hope y'all like it. If you don't I'll probably change it soon, anyway.

What am I gonna write about? Well, you can bet the farm it won't be any warm, fuzzy, politically correct pap! And since I tend to think tangentially, I'll probably start on one subject and wind up two or three streets away.

For instance, my beloved XY offspring has tomorrow off. Now, why his employer, a nationwide retailer known to hire many documented and un- workers, sees fit to have their employees work on Christmas Eve and Good Friday but grants them Cinco de FREAKIN' Mayo off is totally beyond my ken. Perhaps it is b/c they wish to honor the cultural heritage of a majority of their workers. Well, what about my son, and the others like him, doubtlessly a minority, of Celtic heritage? Should they not get a paid holiday from work to honor St. Patrick?
Or consider what Texas A & M University has done to their holiday schedule. {A bit of background information first, A & M has graduated more CMoH winners than all the service Academies together} A & M no longer has Veteran's day on it's holiday schedule. It has MLK day, although Rev. King never attended A & M, never was invited to speak at A & M, heck, never even visited A & M. I don't mean disrespect to a civil rights leader. However, the CORPS is and always has been a huge part of student life at TAMU and for Veteran Day to be ignored is , to me anyway a tremendous slight.
I think the two above examples are indicative of the new social disease of political correctness. Folks, if we don't start calling a spade a freakin' shovel when we see it, we are all goin' to keep gettin' these massive headaches from getting hit over the head with the shovels.
OK, end of the hystrionics, for today.


Matt G said...

Well, you gonna put in some entries, and such, StepMama? I know that you're not trying to catch up with the prolific postings of the likes of Tamara, but c'mon! you've had your blog for 18 hours plus, now!


AKA snotnosed stepson.

TXN in Exile said...

Shame all over TAMU for dropping Veteran's Day - you'd think the Corps would rise up in rebellion! Tangent time - what's with the Black Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? Wonder what would happen if a white business person applied for membership in above named organizations? Not being snotty...well, just a little, but what's up with this stuff? Phooey.

And, what do you mean you and your beloved will be heading to Galveston for a week of fun and frolic and will NOT be thinking of us. Well, fine. Go have your little bacchanalia on the beach and WE won't think of ya'll either. (Except wishing we were there, too)

G Bro said...

Why Mexico would have a national holiday for liberation from the French is insane. Anybody can free themselves from the French! Witness the liberation of the fried potato to become the noble Freedom Fries!