Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shout Out to GBro

Hey, Old Friend O'Mine. I know that's not the way you spell "gbro" in your comments, but then again I know what it means.
I wanted to thank you publicly for all your comments. If it weren't for you and the Dearly Beloved and the occasional comment from Flo, I wouldn't know anyone was reading. I always enjoy your feedback.



Doris Marie said...

I tried a comment, now can't find it!

Am easily frustrated........

Doris Marie said...

ok, another try......

hey lady, I've sent a few comments via email personally........

do you read those any better than I return my calls?!?! :-)

BTY: am off this fri, sat, sun, mon.
Am not sure if beloved and I are going south or staying home.

GBro: if we head south perhaps we can double date and do a din din or lunch sometime. I miss you!

If the previous attempt show up and this is duplicated, just be so very aware that this is my first blogging experience.

Found Shiloh's on myspace.com and am still in shock over it! Could not decide whether to say "WHAT!?!?! from mom" or pretend to be a young sexy babe and flirt with him! LOL! Never saw any guidelines in those growth and development books on how to approach your son's first blog! LOL!

And...... Brad and Angelina DID NOT ASK ME PERMISSION to use my baby's name!!!!

Flo said...

I look forward to gbro's comments, too.

And how rude of Brad and Angelina, Doris. The nerve of some people!

G Bro said...

Thanks, Holly. Your blog is a wonderful opportunity for free association. Glad the posting filter got worked out - I was losing some stuff that seemed so witty at the moment.

Doris, do NOT flirt with your son anonymously on line. Too creepy ;-)I agree about Brangelina - they could just as easily used Shenandoah or Appomatox (wasn't he our state attorney general?)

HollyB said...

Appomatoxm James. Yep he Was our Attorney General! Trurst you to make that association. Do you remember that his law partner defended, in fact got Candace Montgomery OFF on murder charges in 1977. It was an Axe murder in Collin County. Maybe it was 1978. John Bloom, AKA Joe Bob Briggs, Drive in Movie critic in the Dallas Observer wrote a book about it.
Of course, I remember how you and Dave and I talked about little Shiloh's name when he was born.

Thank you for the Sweet comments about the blog.

And while we're on the topic of TX politicians, remember, that's where we started? I was talking to somebody the other day who had flowninto Houston, ANd I asked if they'd used Intercontinental or Hobby. ANd she said, "Neither, I flew into Bush." And I answered, "Well, I forgot they'd changed the name, but even if I had remembered, I'd have refused to call it Bush on principle. It will always be Hobby to me."