Monday, May 15, 2006

Made in China Blues

I'm so ticked off after stewin' about this for a couple of weeks I could spit ten penny nails and reroof my own own house!!!
Have any of y'all been checkin' the 'made in' tags on stuff you buy? Well, I finally pulled my head out where I could see daylight, and made a startling discovery... darn near everything in our stores is made in frickin' CHINA! And if it's not made there, it's made in India, or Indonesia, or some other third world nation.
I was in Michael's a couple of weeks ago {this is when it started}. One of my Brothers-in-law was promoted to Colonel and his b'day is in June, so when I saw a scrapbook with a big honking seal of the U.S. Army on the front I thought that would make a good gift for him. And above the book, all these packs of decals and embellishments were hangining that were of a patriotic theme. Then I noticed those itsy bitsy letters "made in China". It was on every Red, White, and Blue item in that freakin' store.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not Ms. Moneybags! I like saving pennies as much as the next person. But there comes a time when you just gotta draw the line! So when I got to the register to pay for all my other foreign made goods, I asked to speak to the manager.
Manager: "Yes, Ma'am, how may I help you?"
Holly: in a pleasant tone of voice {for a change}: "I realise it's not your decision, that someone at the corporate level decides what goods to buy and from what countries to buy them. But it is really distressing that every patriotic item in this store, including the service branch scrap books are made in a Communist country. I don't know that it will do any good , but I just had to tell SOMEONE my opinion."
Manager: "Thank you. And actually I have to turn in a report every week that has a section for customer comments about why they did NOT buy a certain item, and I will include your concerns in this week's report."

I don't know if what she said was true, but I felt better. And I can only encourage y'all to express your opinions where you shop.

Yeah, the prices might go up if we buy American made products, rather than third world goods made by children or slave labor, but at least our own economy, own own workers might actually be working, instead or being on welfare or panhandling and living under bridges. OMG, do I sound like a liberal?!?! EEEK! Pardon me while I go have a shot of somethin' to calm the vapahs!


G Bro said...

Well, no, you don't sound like a liberal. BTW, the number of panhandlers in Houston jumped tremendously after Katrina. I start to think that low price competition is not the reason some people don't have jobs.

TXN in Exile said...

Hey all, this is Cait (doncha love the TXN in Exile moniker? It soooo fits my situation). About the commie country and slave labor: I actually have one nice thing to say about Little Rock. There's a store in the "river market" area that specializes in goods from around the world that are not produced through the efforts of sweat shop labor. Third world labor - yes - but also through efforts of multi-national companies and 501(c)(3) agencies that help women (in particular) and villages (non-specific) to get their goods to market at a fair price. Spendy? Oh yeah. Interesting? Very. Love the concept and seeing it happen? You betcha.

Rant about UNIONS: Methinks the g'darn unions with their demands, pay scales, perks, etc have done at least as much damage to our "home grown" industries as our demand for low cost items. When we, as a nation decide what we really NEED as opposed to what we think we WANT, we may just turn the tables on the outsourcing that's - sheesh, Holly, there are times when your rule about profanity kinda grates - fornicating with our economy and employment/unemployment.

Agree - darn difficult to find a "Made in the USA" sticker/label anywhere's these days. That "performs the duty of a vacume cleaner."