Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Going away, Again.

I'm writing in green b/c I'm feeling particularly Irish today, don't ask me why, I just am.

I'm also leaving town 'til Thursday. Gonna go visit some fam down South.
My Mom and I talked it over in April and she decided she wanted fried pies for Mother's Day. I'm takin' the Calphalon skillet my fav Bro gave me for Christmas, some peanut oil, and some apricot preserves {Mom's fav} and I'm gonna cook her a batch of pies hopefully almost as good as the ones my Nanny {paternal Grandmother} made. And since she died in 1985, maybe everybody's memory will be forgiving enough to give me the edge in the judging.

Want to leave you with a joke before I go:
A blonde gets on a flight to Houston.
She starts out in the Economy section.
After the plane takes off, she sashays herself up to 1st class and plops down in a seat there.
A flight attendant comes over and asks to see her ticket. Noting it's for economy, she informs the young lady she will have to return to the economy section.
The blonde replies, "You don't understand. I'm young, I'm blonde, I'm attractive, and I'm staying in 1st Class all the way to Houston."
The flight attendant heaves a big sigh, goes to the cockpit, and says, "Guys, we have a problem in 1st class." And she explains the situation with the blonde.
The Co-pilot says, "I'll handle it."
And he unstraps and goes back to talk with the young lady and explain the rules to her.
She looks up at him and says, "You don't understand, I'm young, I'm blonde, I'm attractive and I'm staying in 1st Class all the way to Houston."
The Co-Pilot shakes his head and returns to the cockpit and reports his failure to communicate to the Pilot.
The Pilot says, " You take the controls. I'm married to a blonde. I speak blonde. I'll handle this."
So the Pilot approaches the blonde, leans over and whispers in her ear.
As he straightens up, she looks up at him and says, "Oh, thank you so much!"
And she gathers her belongings and returns to her seat in economy.
The Pilot watches her and when she is reseated, he returns to the cockpit.
The Copilot and flight attendant both want to know what he said to get the blonde to move.
"Easy," was his reply, "I told her 1st class wasn't going to Houston."

Miss me.

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G Bro said...

Blonde jokes are so 20th century.

BTW, "Cockpit." Is that where the roosters fight? What the hell does that have to do with flying a plane?! (Nothing, I hope.)