Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Preview

Warning, Warning, Warning, Danger Will Robinson!

It's been a week, minus a few hours since I saw a broadcast on C-SPAN from D.C. featuring Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen Project folks. Given the disturbing legislation floating around the Hells of Congress , todays Hystrionic Rant, which I will write after some much needed sleep, will be on the topic of Immigration.


G Bro said...

Can't wait to hear this! Hug 'em or shoot 'em? ;-)

Flo said...

I guess you didn't have anything to hystri-over during your first trip. I was waiting for you to tell everyone which sister you DID think about while you where gone.

Now I will have to patiently wait for you to get some sleep as I am very interested in your views on immigration. I'm sure you will have a solution so logical that it never occurred to anyone in DC.

And everyone will have to wait patiently for my comment (which I'm sure will be in agreement with your thoughts) because I have to finish cleaning for out of town relatives arriving tomorrow for graduation and a party Sunday, and another graduation to attend Monday, and a birthday and awards banquet on Tuesday. But never fear, I should be able to post before the wedding on Friday. (Now accepting applications for either a maid or stunt double.)

cinder said...

Well, I have to say that I have been busy at work and forgot about your blog (YIKES!). But I now have you on my favorites toolbar so that it smacks me in the face everytime I open IE. I enjoyed catching up on the previous ones and look forward to your opinion on the Minuteman Project...get some rest first!

TXN in Exile said...

Jumping in before you get started: what part of "ILLEGAL" don't people understand? You absolutely must quote TR in your upcoming hystrionic cuz that's about the size of it from where I'm sittin'. Period. Dot. End o'story. And, yes, the official freakin' language of this country IS ENGLISH. The only place signs in various languages belong is in the International Terminal of major airports - and that's a courtesy to our tourists who are very welcome.

When you publish this much anticipated rant I'll tell you about an encounter I had with a German salesperson vis-s-vis speaking his native language. A short morality tale that is universal. However, since it's YOUR blog, you go first.

G Bro said...

1. Where does it say the official language is English?

2. If an English-only amendment passes, will it also stipulate that the Gringos have to learn spelling and grammar? Raise your hand if you know waht a gerund is.

G Bro said...

or "wHAt" a gerund is. ;-)