Friday, May 01, 2009

Calm Down Before I Have to Slap the Bejesus Out of You!

This hysteria over Swine Flu has GOT to stop. In a country of 230 [+/-] million the diagnosis of 100, ONE HUNDRED, is statistically insignificant.

Considering that approximately 36,000 patients die from the flu every year, WHY are so many officials acting like the bubonic plague or the 1918 Influenza has returned? If thousands were dying every day? Yeah, I could see raising a hue and cry. But we're talking about 100 diagnoses in a week!

Ft. Worth has closed its schools [the entire school district, for the love of Pete!] until May 11. They have also canceled MayFest, a huge outdoor arts festival. I'm wondering if they are going to cancel the gun show, too. Cleburne, TX has also closed its entire school district until May 11. Dallas Schools are being more sensible, for a change. They have only closed schools attended by children who have been diagnosed with the 21st century's first scourge. Tell me how your area is over-reacting.

There was a headline yesterday about the child who died in Houston having visited a MALL! Run for your lives, shoppers! You're all gonna DIEEEEEE!

Now cut it out.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, no kidding! In Wal-Mart in North Richland Hills last night... a couple was looking for hand sanitizer. Wal-Mart had sold out. On a hunch, I asked about hand sanitizer at my local Walgreens and a Keller Wal-Mart while out doing my weekly shopping and they were sold out, too! It's madness. Love your blog!

Old NFO said...

Idjits... just plain idjits... And this keeps people's attention away from the shenanigans in DC- More and more like Clinton. Actual threat is probably smaller than a normal flu season.