Friday, April 24, 2009

New Dishwasher in the House

Our ooolllddd dishwasher died a couple of weeks ago. I did some preliminary research on the web looking at Sears, Home Depot and Blows, err, um I meant Lowe's.
Since Lowe's made no mention on their website about haul away or installation, plus their higher prices, we decided to forgo looking there.
So, we went to Home Depot. The salesman there was less than helpful. I knew more about the model in which we were interested than he did. He had an accent, but he was understandable if you paid close attention. I asked about a particular feature and he scurried over to the computer to google it and answer my question. After spending 45 frustrating minutes trying to find more information about the machine, we left the appliance department and went to the front and asked at the Service Desk for the Manager.
He was placating, but not understanding about our dis-satisfaction with this salesman. The first words out of his mouth? “Well, A_____ is one of our best salesmen.” My response? “That may very well be, but he knows LESS than I do about your dishwashers.” After more lip service from the manager, we took ourselves over to Sears.
The salesman at Sears was 1000x more helpful than the one at Depot. He was knowledgeable about their products, he explained the differences between models, he explained the features of the models, he explained the installation process and fee [which is more than Depot, but his installer is a native English speaker], he was attentive seemed interested in actually helping us.
We wound up with a more expensive model than what we would have purchased at Depot. BUT this model has more features than the other one. It has a foodbit-erator; an eco-wash feature, instant heat feature, a cup rack and is generally better designed than the one we originally had in mind. It also has a water dispenser under the bottom rack, the top rack and on the roof is a small jet of water.
It was delivered and installed yesterday. Mr Moore, the installer, even found a whisk I had mis-placed behind a drawer. He didn't make a mess and gave us time to clean the gunk off the floor that we discovered when the ooolllddd machine was removed.
Yeah, we can stop doing dishes by hand now!


Crucis said...

Strange how customer service can make such a difference. Dave Ramsey had a simulcast last night at our church and he told the story about Jonathon.

Jonathon was the manager of a local franchise sub-shop. If you went there more than once, he remembered your order. On entering, he'd greet you by name and ask if you wanted XXXX again. When he wasn't busy taking orders, he'd buss tables and meet 'n greet the folks.

Everyone liked Jonathon and his store was one of the highest rated in the franchise.

One day Jonathon was gone. Perhaps back to school or to another job, but no one greeted folks by name anymore, nor remembered their orders, not talked with the customers while bussing the tables. In six months, the place closed.

Strange how just one person with a sense of customer service can make a difference.

ABG said...

Really? Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

Old NFO said...

Ah yes... Customer service (lack of) and they wonder why profits are down??? Sears has treated me right for 40 years... :-)