Monday, April 27, 2009

Dearly Beloved posted a blog last Wednesday about planning ahead in case of a home invasion. That started me thinking about an exercise I saw on one of the gun Forums [can't remember if it was The High Road or The Firing Line]. Whether you have firearms in your house or not, it's an interesting and thought provoking exercise.
Look around every room in your home and think about what objects could be used as a weapon if you were suddenly under attack. For example:

In my living room I could:
Swing a lamp at someone's head or poke at their mid section;
using the lamp or any other electrical cord as a garrote;
use the computer keyboard, or the laptop for that matter, as a bludgeon;
Pens and pencils make effective stabbing weapons, especially in an eye or ear;
my purse could be swung at someone's head;
books can be thrown at heads;
a cane hanging on the desk is a good swinging or jabbing instrument;
ashtrays, especially the heavy glass ones [see smoking DOES have some benefits] can be thrown. If there are ashes and butts to blind an attacker, so much the better;
hand lotion or any other bottled liquid can be squirted towards the face;
scissors make great stabbing/slashing weapons.

Let's move to the kitchen:
knives are the most likely weapon;
forks can be used to stab, too;
skillets are great for hitting, think swinging like a baseball bat;
hot liquids, grease is even better, cooking on the stove are MOST excellent when thrown at a face, or even a mid-section or arm/hand holding a weapon aimed at you;
dish washing liquids or powders thrown at eyes;
anything in a spray bottle can temporarily blind an attacker, I would recommend oven cleaner or cleaning fluid;
flower pots are another throwing weapon, hope the dirt reaches the eyes.

In the bathroom:
hot water from a shower sprayer;
toilet cleaning brush for poking, grinding into a face;
cleaning fluids for squirting;
toothbrushes for “stabbing” eyes;
mouthwash for throwing at faces;
mirror pieces for stabbing/slashing.
If you DO own firearms, consider always taking one to the bathroom with you or having a dedicated bathroom gun.

In the bedroom:
lamps for poking, swinging as in the living room;
shoes for throwing, if they have spike heels try for an eye or ear strike;
belts used for lashing out;
mirror pieces as above;
perfume can be sprayed or splashed at the face;
curtain rods for swinging or poking.

Those are just the first few that come to mind when looking around each room.
Try it yourself and let me know what you can spot in your home that I didn't mention. Being prepared by having a plan makes you more likely to survive any situation.


Crucis said...

That's something I hadn't thought about. I usually have my snubbie in my pocket from morning 'til night so I've never thought much about alternatives. I have a revolver hidden upstairs and several available downstairs in my office/family room.

Good post, food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Great tips! Must say, I have this vision of myself beating someone with a toilet brush while waiting for the water in the shower to heat up enough to scald him. =)