Friday, October 31, 2008

Kid Shoes

Recently, LaP and I were at a local restaurant about 1/2way between our respective homes. While sitting out on the patio, so I could smoke [she indulges me] and we could continue another great visit we saw the cutest thing.
I first noticed the young lady's brother. He was wearing Batman crocs. Since I was wearing crocs, too, I spoke to him. I opined I wished I had KEWL crocs instead of my plain blue and white ones. He got all proud of his footwear at that point.
Then Mom and baby sis came out. The little girl had on red shoes with SQUEAKERS in the heel! Every time she took a step, there was a squeak. If that doesn't encourage walking for a new devotee, I don't know what will. Of course it would also encourage nippin' at the heels by any family dawgs.

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