Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't Miss a THANG!

Written Friday September 26, 2008 @6 A.M.
Yes, the time above is correct. Those of y'all who've known me a long time must think I've been up all night. But actually, I just woke up at 5”47 and decided to come over to the table and write rather than rolling over and tryin' to go back to sleep. It must be this desert climate.
I PROMISE I will go SOMEWHERE today and post the blogs I've been writing while in residence here in Terlingua. I say “in residence” in a hopeful manner. It's been our dream for a long time [5.75 years, since MY first trip out here] to live out here part of the year.
If I can find a place that offers electric outlets along with WI-Fi, I'll post pics, too. Other wise, my battery won't hold out. Please make sure you read ALL the posts. I think they give a good overview of our activities out here. Except for the pics of the Rio Grande... as I said, that's for the Dearly Beloved to write about. It's HIS river!

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Christina LMT said...

Hope you're out having fun and babying your back. Glad you found Mindy the Massage Therapist, too!