Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tip: Stoned Again

The Tipper was limping around Saturday. I mean to the point he wouldn't even put his right, hind paw on the ground. He was whimpering when standing or sitting. I gave him a couple of baby aspirin when I came in from the yard. That seemed to ease his pain somewhat. I gave him another couple at bedtime since he was still limping and the Dearly Beloved and I had to LIFT him into the bed.

Sunday morning saw him MUCH improved. After a morning and early afternoon in the yard though, he was limping again, keeping that paw off the ground about half the time. More aspirin and rest. But, he still needed to be lifted into the bed that night, too.

I called the Vet's office Monday morning. They couldn't see him until Tuesday at 4:30. I took that appointment time. Of course he hardly limped atall Monday and by Tuesday he was just favoring that paw a bit.

I put him on the scales when we got to the office...he's dropped 12 lbs since April! I am so Proud of him! Course changin' ALL the dawgs diets has helped...he now gets 1.25 cups of the Purina One reduced fat Adult food, and 1 cup of the Purina One Puppy food twice/day. Plus a heaping T of Alpo Prime slices or chunks. He's down to 96 lbs, Ben's prolly around 90, and Boo is prolly under 60 now. Dearly Beloved has to stop singing "Roly Poly, Mama's Little Fatty" to Tip now.

Doc came in, we talked for a bit and then I held his head and talked to him while Doc examined his leg. Doc was considerably deeper in his exam than DB and I had been. Tipper didn't think too much of that, but he is such a sweetie, he didn't try to snap at Doc. He whimpered once or twice.

I expressed some concerns about the way Tip "swishes" his hips in a John Wayne-like manner when he walks. So Doc said he'd take a pic of his hips when he took the shot of his knee to determine whether the caudal cruciate ligament was torn completely or just partially,cause he knew it was torn from watching Tip walk and examining his leg.

Side note: Dearly Beloved maintains The Duke swaggered, not swished. As a former 'Hag, and after consultation with other 'Hags, I re-assert John "The Duke" Wayne SWISHED his hips when he walked. But then who among us doesn't when we wear two inch heels?

Doc walks back into the exam room and sez: I've been handing out bad news all day...

and he clips Tip knee 'ray on the light board, "so it's nice to be able to tell YOU some good news. Tip's ligament is torn, but not completely. He won't need surgery if you can keep him still for two weeks. " He hands me a two week supply of Rimadyl for pain and anti-inflammatory purposes. He gets one every morning and one every night. We slap his E-collar on him and go out with him every time he goes out. When he starts to run, he gets a buzz at level 2 and a "Tip, NO Run!"

His hip X-Ray showed that the heads of his femurs are not perfectly rounded, but they aren't causin' dysplasia, either. Nope, Doc is a tall, long boned fella and he compared Tip's walkin' style to his own at 14: gawky and uncoordinated, "I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time!"

They DID have to sedate him for the X-Rays, however. Trying to get a 96 lb, 16 mo. old puppy to lie still and quietly on a cold steel table...not gonna happen unless he's zonked. So they gave him a pain shot. Thus the floppy picture above.

The important thing is my little Kobe Pup is gonna be fine. No surgical scars for him... if I can keep him from humpin' his little beyotch...that yeller dawg who lives here. <>


Christina LMT said...

He looks totally zonked! Poor pup.

I'm glad it's nothing requiring surgery, and that he doesn't have hip dysplasia...*whew*.

Hope he continues to improve quickly!

g bro said...

"...yeller dawg who lives here." You've got a DEMOCRAT in your house?!

Glad to hear his hips are okay. The ligament is a worry, though. Would it help him if I kept still for two weeks? I'm looking for any excuse.

phlegmfatale said...

What a stoner! Love those little pink slits for eyes.

Glad he's not going to need surgery.

HollyB said...

G, ain't no Democrats here. Course there ain't no Republicans either.
Just a bunch of GDIs.

B. HUSSEIN contacted Tip, seein' as how they're both black an' all...but Tip wouldn't take his call. He was too busy lickin' hisself.