Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spooky Men

A while back, Bayou Ren. Man [see link in side bar] blogged about an amazing men's Chorale from Down Under. The Spooky Men have produced two fantastic CDs: Tooled Up and Stop Scratching It.

When I listened to the clips BRM thoughtfully provided on his blog, or that you can find on the Spooky website, I was hooked. I hopped over to my PayPal accoount and ordered BOTH CDs for the Dearly Beloved's listening pleasure.

They arrived yesterday. I handed him the padded envelope postmarked Australia and said, "I got you something." He looked at me quizzically and flicked open his pocket knife to quickly slit open the end of the envelope. Reaching in, he pulled out Stop Scratching It and then Tooled Up. Once he read the cover and realized whose CDs they were...his face broke into a huge grin.
I got a big thank you and a bigger hug.

These Cds are so incredible! They are the CURE for the modern day man's ills. The American Man is assailed by feminazis, media images, and ecoterrorists and an increasingly wussy culture that tells him he must deny his urge to hunt, fish, make fire, shoot boomsticks, arrows, wield knives, axes, eat flesh of any sort , stink, spit or do anything FUN.

Growing up with 4 brothers endless male cousins and an assortment of guy friends [and I mean FRIENDS, not 'boyfriends'] having a Son and two StepSons has given me an appreciation for the Male species and their habits, I think. Oh, I may grouse for the sake of form now and then, but I truly DO love MEN. So I'm not sure who enjoyed these Cds more, the Dearly Beloved or me.

They mix old standards with original songs. A truly inspiring gospel tune Down in the River to Pray; possibly the BEST cover of Ghostriders in the Sky I've ever heard; Not Pretty Enough and The Mess Song are NOT to be missed! Truly inspired songs.

Please, buy these guys CDs. If you don't like them, you can always take them to Hastings or Half Price Books and Records and trade them in, now can't you?


C B Lainy said...

I've had many conversations lately about how men are treated nowadays. They really don't get the respect they deserve........I make it a mental note to praise my hubby all the time. Here I sit writing and he's laying block in 90 weather.He gives me anything I want and most importantly he respects me.

Great post, Holly.

g bro said...

I don't buy the emasculation rant ;-), but that is some fine music.

phlegmfatale said...

Wow - fabulous music by a pack of sexy beasts. When are they coming to Dallas?

g bro said...

Their website calendar doesn't show much action in the Western Hemisphere. Apparently they had a UK tour in 2007. They all probably have day jobs. But if they get wind of groupies in North Texas, their outlook could change!

Brigid said...

Ghostriders in the Sky? I'd buy it just for that alone.