Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Think It's Safe to Come Out...

... the "Dawg-alanche" seems to be over:

I want to SINCERELY thank Law Dog. There have been times since I started this blog when I haven't had 600 visitors in an entire MONTH, much less in one day! A tip of my favorite hat to the 'Dawg for the linky love. I also thank all of my photo subjects for their graceful permission to use their images on the blog.

I hope all of you Fans, male and especially female, were not disappointed with the pics. To my knowledge, and I will admit I didn't do any research, these images of Bayou Ren. Man and Law Dog are the most revealing they have yet allowed on intarw3bz.

I think I got such good pics of everyone because I was trying to focus on the firearms, not the people. That the people were captured in happy or natural poses was serendipitous.

I hope some of you FDRs [Faithful Dawg Readers] checked out some of my writing while you were here and come back now and then to see what's passing through what passes for my mind on that particular day.


C B Lainy said...

I always come back to you, babe ;)

g bro said...

Yes, I will now run from town to town with a picture of the back of Lawdog's head - he's a marked man! Ms. Fatale was also suitably camouflaged by giant sunglasses and that "don't shoot me" hat. Of course, now that she put an actual photo on her profile, her readership is going to go up, too!

LawDog said...