Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Expanded Cacti Garden

Before I show y'all the finished product. please indulge me. I wanted to see if I could take some, um... more artistic pics. Be honest. How'd I do?

This is Curly:




This one isn't supposed to be artistic...just a shot of the whole garden. Now I just have to put some kind of border around it. But I am FINI, for this week.


Lin M. said...

The one "twins" is REALLY good. You are quite creative you know.

Christina LMT said...

You've captured their "personalitites" perfectly!

I like Curly.

Kate said...

How many of those nice little spines bit you while you were doing that?

HollyB said...

Lin, thanks. I was just seized with a desire to see what I could do with my nifty little camera.

C- yeah, they DO have personalities, don't they? BTW, that leaf was stuck on there f rom last Fall or Winter... I didn't put it there for Art's sake.

Kate, the Dearly Beloved and I played find the cactus needles Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. Did you know you can get them out with Duct Tape?

Christina LMT said...


I just saw I wrote "personalitITes".

That'll teach me to proofread my comments better.