Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rants on Stupidity

Watching TeeVee tonight during dinner tonight, I turned to the Dearly Beloved and said, “You'd think after all the time she spent on 3rd Watch, Tia Tejeda would know the proper way to hold a pistol.” Later in the episode of “Criminal Minds” her character, a COP, for the love of all that's Holy, lifted a revolver out of a backpack with BARE Fingers. I screamed at the screen, “Way to ruin fingerprints, you STUPID BITCH!!!”

WHAT was the Director thinking? And why doesn't SOMEBODY give that actress a good, swift kick in the butt to teach her to LEARN her CRAFT?!?

I have had it with the idiot warnings during drug commercials. If someone is too stupid to STOP taking a medicine that makes their [or their child's] mouth, tongue or throat SWELL thereby endangering their AIRWAY...they are too stupid to live or have children. Let the adults DIE. Take the children away from the parents who are that dirt dumb and give them to a childless couple who have better sense!

If a medicine makes your skin break out in hives or a rash...and you are too dense to stop taking it, you are not entitled to a gajillion dollar settlement. You are entitled to the looks of scorn from anyone with the sense God gave a goose. Again, if you have a child who takes a medicine that causes a similar reaction and you continue to give them this are too frickin' stupid to raise a child! You must be sterilized IMMEDIATELY and give that child to a childless couple who can raise it without endangering its health and well-being.

To the bottom dwelling lawyers who are willing to sue drug companies on behalf of their “dumb as a box of rocks” clients for repeatedly taking medicines to which they were obviously allergic:
You are morally reprehensible. You are NOT consumer advocates. You are scum-sucking opportunists who are part of the problem of sky-rocketing drug prices and over-crowded court dockets. You are one of the reasons people HATE lawyers. Get into another branch of the law or go earn an HONEST living.

OK, that's all my rants, for tonight.


phlegmfatale said...

In a perfect world, all the pharmaceutical companies would buy full page spaces in all the major papers and post your little rant. I agree - it's anti-Darwinian (in a BAD way) to keep the spawn of morons safe and alive. If there's such thing as "living off one's wits", there should be a converse "dying from the lack thereof", don't you think?

g bro said...


When you're right, you're right, right and ... right. Unfortunately, Darwin says that the winner is not the one who raises them best but the one who has the most offspring survive to reproductive age. So if you wonder why there's so many effing idiots out there, it's because they are good at effing.

If I see one more commercial where a car breaks all the laws of physics and there is a disclaimer that says, "do not attempt," I am going to go to Madison Avenue and kill somebody.

Assrot said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It's a funny thing, when I say stuff like this everybody calls me an asshole and I get compared to the KKK. When others post this stuff they are thought of as witty. What gives?

Good post.


Assrot said...

The answer just came to me in a flash. You're better looking than I am. That's why the above comment is so true. Tell JPG to take his hand off'n his gun. I'm not after his woman. I got one of my own and Lord knows any man that can put up with more than one is a far better man than I.