Sunday, March 09, 2008

What I Did INSTEAD of Blogging This Week

Well, let's see if I can remember back to Monday...Nope!

How about I start with Saturday and work my way backwards? Maybe then things will come back to me.

Yesterday, I stuck return address labels and stamps on the 94 newsletters for the Dearly Beloved's yearly family reunion that's gonna be on the 30th of this Month. I had intended to get them out on Monday, but a couple of the folks I had been waiting to hear from never emailed or returned my calls. OTOH, this reunion has been held on the Sunday after Easter in the same place since Gawd made dirt. Well, for the last 20 years, anyway. So, if folks have been payin' attention, they know when and where to show up.

Then I came home, and don't remember what I did for most of the afternoon. Oh, Wait, Yes, I do, too! A box was in the mailbox from Miss Poppy. Hallelujah,Praise Gawd! Well, actually, I'm on the express train to hell, you can find me in the bar car with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. If you go to Miss Poppy's you'll see why I just said all that. I ordered some stuff for a fried, and both my chirrens for their b'days. I can tell y'all what I got Son, cause he never reads this blog. It's a refrigerator magnet that answers the age old question, "What WOULD Jesus Do?" Someone special will be Stigmata Tattoos for Easter! I got myself a St.Otto Air Freshener for my car. This is the prayer on the back of the package:
St.Otto, lead me to the most
coveted of spaces,
Assist me in my parallel
parking skills,
Protect me from parking
tickets & fines,
Blind the eyes of watchful
parking attendants,
And if it is raining, I humbly
request covered parking.
- Amen
See why I'm on that express train?

Dearly Beloved and I went out last night for a Greek Feast. Normally, we have the mixed grill for two. I was in the mood for some eggplant, though and since DB doesn't care for the aubergine fruit that much, I had moussaka and he had Kafka. I ordered some Dolma. He said he didn't want any. When it came, he said he'd have one, just to "tide me over" 'til our food came to the table. He wound up eatin' two, which was 1/2 the order. Oh well, Texas IS a community property state. Both our entrees came with a Greek salad, I always give him my pepper. Just because he likes them. And I don't.

Friday, after the temperature rose above freezing, I took the original of the newsletter up to Office Max and made 175 copies in Easter Egg Blue. Then I bought some stuff on sale. Matt, I got a neat little gadget thingy for you. Then I came home folded and addressed, by hand all the newsletters. Oh, yeah. While I was at the grocery store, my knee "went out". It just suddenly didn't want to bear weight. So I limped along, and it righted itself. Then it would go out. Then it would right itself. This went on of the rest of the day. While I was on the couch, folding, stapling and addressing the newsletters, I kept it propped up and kept an icepack on it. It wobbly every now and then but mostly stable now.

Also, in the early morning hours of Friday, I posted this article about my hobbies of dawgs and shooting on Helium.When I checked at 3 p.m. it was in the #2 position. Yeah ME!

Thursday was the day we got all the snow. AS in about a 5-6" accumulation. Tip was biting at these HUGE flakes that were coming out of the sky. DB went outside and took some pics, but I haven't looked at them yet to see if they captured the silliness that is a dog trying to catch snowflakes.
I also composed the Newsletter for the reunion this day and posted this article about my Real Life Hero. It's not doing so well in the ratings. I think it's because...well, y'all can read it and see what you think. Some of the requirements was to answer the questions: Who is the person that you admire most and why? How have they influenced your life? What is the most important lesson that this hero has taught you? How has it made a difference to you, long term or in your daily life? Maybe I'm just bein' paranoid...but I think because I didn't write about my granny, or a teacher or preacher and some spiritual lesson I got bumped down the ladder. And blows chunks! The ratings are supposed to be about style, spelling, syntax, grammar, format, and readability; not whether the rater agrees with the subject matter or likes one subject better than another. Or maybe I just ate some sour grapes. Y'all let me know, OK?

Other than watchin' it snow, writing that article and drinkin' copious amounts of Butterfinger hot chocolate [all the flavor, none of the yuccky stuff in your teeth], and doing the newsletter, I didn't do anything Thursday.

Wednesday was pretty much a wash. I think I did email and took a nap and cooked supper and watched TV.

Tuesday was not very interesting because I can't remember what happened. Same for Monday.

Now, I have to go do my nails and then work on an article for Associated Content about my 10 favorite Movie Quotes and why they are my favorites. Then I might work on a great article about guns and shoes.


phlegmfatale said...

I think it was mighty sweet of you to share your Dolmas with DB. After all, as easy as he makes it look, a lot of work, character and energy go into being a person who could reasonably be called someone's personal hero. I'll bet you're not the only one who thinks of him that way, either. :)

CBL said...

I don't wanna get all mushy, but my hubby is my hero as well, so I understand what you mean. What a heartfelt story.:)

g bro said...

Been wonderin' what you were up to. Glad you're writing for the public domain today.

J.R.Shirley said...

Did you change your font size?

Looking forward to seeing y'all. Maybe I'll get lucky and see you Friday, instead of having to wait until Sat.

HollyB said...

Yeah, John, when I was messin' around with the colors, I somehow, w/o realizing it, made the font smaller. Maybe when I switched from Trebuchet to that other font...whatchamacallit.

I hope you see ME Friday, too. I KNOW you'll see JPG.

G- you're welcome. And if you'd get on my mailing list for Associated Content, you could get an email whenever I publish there. Then you wouldn't have to wait for me to post a link here for THOSE articles. All the kewl kids are doin' it.

Love ya'

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

Glad you liked your box of stuff!

Where are you from in Texas? I have family there that I visit once a year - in a 100 mile radius of Dallas.

Miss Poppy