Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Georgia on my Mind

Well, by the time most of y'all are readin' this, the Dearly Beloved and I will be on our way to Georgia. I don't actually have the whole state of Georgia on my mind, just the city of Augusta and some of it's residents. We're going there for the wedding of some friends. I can't remember if he's announced this event on teh web, so I won't name the Groom, but he is a Wonderful man! I'm really really looking forward to meeting his lovely bride.

Tonight I had dinner with the Fabulous LaP. She sent me off on my trip in GRAND style. I will come into town with greetings for several folks, so be prepared to be hugged and kissed twice. Once from me and once from her. Then there's the abso phenomenal bracelet she made me! OMGZ! I can hardly believe how gorgeous it is! I will have the DB take a picture of it, on ME of course. LaP knows I'm queer for gold she used LOTS of it on several beads. And the beads? Every shade of my favorite color, purple, from a lavender so pale it's almost translucent, to dark prune.

Monday I posted an article on Associated Content. I had to chose my 10 favorite movie quotes and explain why they were important or significant or what made them my favorite. So, if you've ever wondered what movie lines I like, go read this. Now keep in mind, not all of these flicks are on my favorite movies list. I just liked these lines from these movies.

I'd be interested to know which quotes strike a chord in y'all. You don't have to share why, unless you want to, I'd just like to know if any of them make you laugh or cry or otherwise react.

I am taking the laptop with me, but I can't guarantee I'll have time to blog from the road. Fear not, Faithful Readers, I should be home by next Tuesday. I promise to regale you with tales of road warriors, wedding hi jinx and reception revels.


Ambulance Driver said...

Send John and Jordy my best wishes, okay?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

LOVE a road trip. Be safe and have a huge time.

phlegmfatale said...

Glad you are enjoying the bracelet. Cheers, m'dears!

Babs said...

Well if you're headed to Disgusta,and down what my dad calls "the most Godforsaken piece of road on the planet (I-20 from ATL) please don't let that affect your view of our fair state. North of I-20 is some of the most beautiful rural hilly countryside imaginable. Go about 20 miles south of I-20, also beautiful, just a little less hilly. The hometown of James Brown is an animal all its own. ;)

Assrot said...

Enjoy. Georgia is the best state in the whole USA far as I'm concerned. I'm related to almost everybody that lives there and has the last name of Guest.

Most of my clan are in the Oxford / Covington area just southeast of Atlanta about 40 miles or so.

Damn good folks there all over Georgia. I'll bet you will experience some good old southern hospitality like you've never seen before.

The vittles are great too. Hope you have a good time. Wish I had time to go visit family there and spend a month or so.