Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Is Gettin' Scary !!! - Test your disease knowledge

First, I'm Sherlock Holmes. Now, I'm Hawkeye Pierce. If I hadn't missed that one little question one that one STD [that's what I get for being a good girl] I coulda been Dougie Howser. All things considered,though...I'd rather be Greg House!
H/T to AD for the great quiz. And another H/T to all those great Teachers I had through the years who taught me how to take quizzes.


g bro said...

I was Hawkeye going on Howser. But I'd rather answer questions on serial killers than diseases.

g bro said...

Hey, what happened to the other picture? I was going to accuse you of being a tree-hugger. ;-)

Holly said...

Jane took a BUNCH of pics and I'm goin' to rotate them through until I decide which one I like best. Just tryin' to keep the scenery from bein' boring.